Merged Folding, Volunteers, and $1500 Bounty

FoldingCoin platform commences merged folding and offers high bounties to developers and volunteers

June 19, Noblesville, IN – During a board meeting of FoldingCoin Inc, the two board members of the nonprofit Counterparty token decided on a new way to tackle distribution issues and are ready to start the merged folding platform again. Merged folding enables other Counterparty tokens to distribute to the Folding user base with their own token. In order to accomplish these goals, the nonprofit will award a $1,500 bounty to a PHP developer and will distribute 100 million FLDC to volunteers for joining the effort.

During the meeting, the following issues were tackled:

  • Merged folding will commence immediately,
  • Token distribution occur on a monthly basis,
  • $1.500 bounty for PHP developer that finishes distribution platform,
  • 100,000,000 FLDC budget created to reward volunteers for their hard work.
  • Encourage community to join the Slack at

Since merged Folding is starting again, a relaunch email has been sent out to all the past participants of Merged Folding to encourage them to once again join forces with us to help promote the FAH platform. For more information on their projects, or to join Merged Folding with your project please visit for details.

FLDC and all Merged Folding participants will now be paid for the previous month’s work before the monthly public meetings each first Sunday of every month. The two reasons why we are going to monthly is because of the Bitcoin price (so distributions are more expensive now) and because of the limitations in calculating stats with the current code. A countdown timer has been set on the website now at to make it easier to track when the next distribution will be.

FoldingCoin is in dire need of a new developer to take on the task of bringing the FoldingCoin calculation server to the next level. If any developers are interested in joining the FoldingCoin team to complete this, the director Robert Ross is putting up $1,500 (payable via BTC or paypal, your choice) of his own money upon completing the work found in this document (if you only wish to do a portion of this document we can negotiate a different price). Please email if you are interested in helping.

Volunteers will now be paid in FLDC for their work to help further the mission of FoldingCoin. Of the 1 billion FLDC in existence, 100 million of those are assigned to be distributed to those that help the FoldingCoin team with tasks such as Social Media, Forum Administration, ext. For jobs we are currently looking to fill please visit or send an email to with your interest in helping the team. Even if you wish to contribute something else not on that list we would be more than open to hear what you can bring to the team.

FoldingCoin (FLDC) helps battle diseases like cancer and Alzheimer by contributing to the Stanford’s Folding@Home network. FLDC is a token that rewards volunteers for contributing to this initiative. FoldingCoin is distributed on a monthly basis, based on the individual contributions. This new currency can be transferred from person to person using the Bitcoin blockchain and the Counterparty protocol.

Folding@home is a long running project (2000) from the folks of Stanford University that lets your spare CPU or GPU simulate complex protein folding. The results of all this distributed computation is tabulated and analyzed, to help new find new medicines and cures to be derived to some of the worst diseases faced by man. But there’s a problem. There’s no reward for sharing your computer cycles in this way. You can join a team and you can earn points, but there is no profit motive to help with research.

FoldingCoin Inc does not have direct affiliation or partnerships with Stanford University. This project was built to help support the adoption of the Folding@home project. All information and comments at are those of FoldingCoin Inc and not of Stanford University or Folding@home.

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