FLDC 1st Halvening Day

Stats for this distribution:

The first FLDC “Halvening”

It has been exactly 900 days since FoldingCoin was launched and now the “halvening” is upon us. Yesterday was the last day to earn 500,000 FLDC per day and beginning this morning at 3:00am EST, the rewards will now be cut down to 250,000 FLDC per day for the next 900 days. Since MAGICFLDC is distributed proportionally to FLDC the MAGICFLDC reward will also now be cut in half to 250,000 MAGICFLDC per day.

Remember, this was a special distribution that took place in the middle of the month because that is when the halving occurred, but starting in January of next year, we will be back to normal distributions. If you have any questions please feel free to drop by on the official FoldingCoin Slack at http://slack.foldingcoin.net/

Happy Folding and Happy Holidays!

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