Funds moved to new cold storage

As a precaution, I have moved the main FLDC funds to new cold storage wallets due to some of my accounts being compromised. No funds are compromised, and everything is working fine once again and I am in full control due to good security practices already in place that James thought me long ago.

When the wallets in the old wallets were generated, they where generated on a dedicated internet connection with no other computers having ever touched that network, and the computer itself is a ubuntu version with nothing installed on it, and the firewall activated. I moved the funds to cold storage wallets, generating the PK on an air-gaped computer that has never seen the light of the internet. I actually used to do this more often then I have recently, and it’s time to get back into preferred good practices. The funds were never at risk, I am just taking extra precautions in case.

As an additional precaution, I have changed the passwords and login credentials to everything foldingcoin related from the twitter, all the way to the web hosting as an extra precaution. Ive been busy all day moving everything around, and thanks everyone, keep on folding and see you all next weekend at the meeting 😀

New cold storage for undistributed FLDC – 1D18z7ciaFYLk4WaaUhtYQtq8Bk9jWh9jX

New cold storage for FLDC dev funds – 13UgwRyTjPgsevW54MzRwXujeSnVu9oXgM

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