Early August Distribution

Distribution Stats

Potential Bitcoin Chain Split

Due to the upcoming chain split that Bitcoin may go through, the FoldingCoin team has decided to do an early distribution before the chain split so that way Folders are not waiting for an extended period of time should Counterparty need some updates due to the split. We have distributed from 7/1-7/25 payments, as the 7/26 date has an unknown issue within the calculation that the team is looking into.

Next month we will distribute from 7/26-8/31 so those that have folded between 7/26 and 7/30 will have a delayed payment until September.

This was a great month of folding, TONS of points where added to the system. This distribution isn’t even for the whole month and we broke 17 billion FAH points! Nice job Folders, you are making this project go places by contributing your computer to science.

We still will have the public meeting as scheduled on the first Saturday of August and look forward to everyone joining to see the exciting new updates from the team (and 2 more team members joined this month).

Thanks everyone and keep on folding!

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