Slack Auto Join Temporarily Disabled

Because of the influx of scam links that have been going around on various slack channels to try and steal funds from users of MyEtherWallet, FoldingCoin has temporarily disabled the auto join link until the team discusses the way to move forward. We understand that this prevents the community from joining the slack easier in order to participate with the community in discussion, and also to join the FOLDERPEPE distributions.

We are not stopping new users from joining, but for the time being we need to add users manually to ensure that we do not add any scammers. If you are interested in joining Slack, please send your First and Last name from the email you wish to be added to the FoldingCoin slack to:

Robert controls this email, and he will try and respond within 24 hours to your request, but please give him up to 72 hours as his day can prevent him from getting to all requests in a timely manner.

Thanks and happy Folding!

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