September 2017 Meeting and distribution

Distribution Stats

Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross – Director FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina – R&D Director FoldingCoin
  • Norbert Sipos – Webmaster FoldingCoin
  • Jeff Moreland – AIO Developer FoldingCoin

Meeting Notes

  • Robert was very busy this month with work. Going forward, Robert is no longer working weekeds and will have Saturdays dedicated to FoldingCoin work, and Sundays for family. These two days can be interchangeable and sometimes will need to reverse them.
  • Miguel and some other developers got impacted by hurricane Irma and this caused some delays in the development sprint. Miguel is still on track though with the other developers and progress is continuing on.
  • Damien had to take a leave of absence this month and will return as soon as he can. In the meantime development will push on with the 4 other developers.
  • Norbert is about 70% complete with the second milestone of optimizing the website.
  • Jeff is working on the next version of the AIO browser this last month.
  • This was a slow month for FoldingCoin due to the hurricane and everyone had something come up in their personal lives. This was a slow month of development, but everything is still on track as we are on bigger tasks now and they take more time. Thanks everyone and Happy Folding!
  • Watch the meeting at the following YouTube link or view below:

YouTube Video

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