Distribute Tokens

Currently the partner system is not fully operational. However we can still begin the process and get you started

The FoldingCoin team welcomes you to distribute your Counterparty token on our platform! This is a great way to run promotional giveaways for your project and at the same time, reward those who are using their computational power towards science. In order to distribute on our platform please view the video ON THIS PAGE (seen to the right) or follow the steps listed below.

1. You need to register at and create an account on the Tokenly website - https://tokenpass.tokenly.com/auth/register

2. After you have created your account, please go to the Tokenly Bitsplit page - https://bitsplit.tokenly.com/

3. Click the "Get Started" button found on this page

4. You will see the "Bitsplit - Distribute Tokens" page. This is the page in which you will run your distribution. Keep this page bookmarked and we will be returning to it later on in the following steps.

5. Open up the FLDC Generate Reports portal - https://fldc.tech/new/generate-report/

6. Here you will select the beginning date and the end date for the time period in which you wish to distribute and how many tokens you wish to distribute over that time period.
INITIAL DATE - this is the day in which you wish to start the calculation. So if you are distributing all of November 2016, you would put "2016-11-01" in this field.
END DATE - this is the end of the time period. Since our snapshots are taken at 3AM EST, you would actually set this to the day after you would like to end the distributions. So if you are distributing all of November 2016, then you would put "2016-12-01" in this field.
DISTRIBUTION POINTS - this is how many tokens you would like to be divided among the given report proportionally based on the FAH work. So since the FoldingCoin project does 500,000 per day, we would put this as "15000000" since there are 30 days in November. NOTE: do not use commas here.
Finally under the DATA DOWNLOAD FILE TYPE you can select one of the following options: "Detailed Report" will give you a downloadable CSV with all of the user information including Username, BTC Address, FAH credits, and Token payments. This report is for your information only. "Tokenly Report" will give you a downloadable CSV for you to use on the Tokenly Bitsplit page so it will only have the BTC and Token payouts column. This is the download you will want to select in order to distribute.

7. With the "Tokenly Report" CSV return to the Bitsplit page. Enter the following information on the Bitsplit Page:
Token Name - This will be your Counterparty Tokens ACTUAL alphanumeric name. For FoldingCoin this is FLDC
Distribution Label - This is a name to give your distribution for future reference on what this distribution was. This can be anything you would like it to be. Since FoldingCoin does monthly distributions, we use the naming method of "FLDC December 2016 Payout"
Input Value Type - The CSV reports that you generate at fldc.tech are only setup currently for fixed value. Please do not change this.
Upload .CSV file - Upload the "Tokenly Report" that you generated at fldc.tech NOT the "Detailed Report". The "Tokenly Report" you received from fldc.tech WILL NOT have a heading, so please make sure you uncheck the box that says "Remove heading line from csv?".
Manually Enter Address List - Alternatively, you could copy and paste the CSV Tokenly Report you received at fldc.tech if something is wrong with the Bitsplit Upload CSV function.
8. Once the above has been completed, please select "Initiate Distribution" on the bottom and you will be brought to a distribution screen. On the distribution screen, you will see a Deposit address (NOTE: this address can also be found in the URL following the /distribute/ directory). Please send the required amount of BTC in order to send the transactions out, and the required amount of your Token. Send exactly what the distributor asks for. If you do not send enough, the distributions will not go out. NOTE: Sometime the total amounts are off by a couple of Satoshi's worth of your Token. So if you are distributing 100 TOKENS, the distributor may ask for 100.00000006 or 99.99999998. Send the distributor at least what is asks for. See our Active issues page for more information.

9. You are all done! Your distribution will go out as soon as the Tokenly servers verify the correct amount of tokens are in the distribution address. Now in your account you will see on ongoing list of your previous distributions. If you have any issues with the Tokenly Bitsplit Distributor, please contact the Tokenly Support team at team@tokenly.com