FLDC Dev Team

Director -<br />Robert Ross

Director -
Robert Ross

Director and Founder of FoldingCoin, Robert does the following tasks for the FoldingCoin project: Board Seat, FLDC Distributions, Website, Public Speeches

Slack: @pooktwo
Email: rross@foldingcoin.net
Skype: foldingcoin
LTBN: pooktwo
Bitcointalk: foldingcoin

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Webmaster -<br />Volunteer Needed

Webmaster -
Volunteer Needed

Currently the Director handles updating the website, but this can be time consuming so we are looking for a skilled WordPress volunteer.

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Communication -<br />Jona Derks

Communication -
Jona Derks

Communication and Public Relations for the project, Jona handles the following tasks: Board Seat, Social Media, News Updates, Forums

Slack: @jonaderks
Email: jonaderks@gmail.com
Bitcointalk: JonesD

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Social Media -<br />Helene Unland

Social Media -
Helene Unland

Social Media representative, handles our Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and other related accounts in our control for the project.

Slack: @helene
Twitter: @heunland
Bitcointalk: heunland

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Lead Developer -<br />Volunteer Needed

Lead Developer -
Volunteer Needed

FoldingCoin currently does not have a lead developer to oversee all code related productivity and security. FoldingCoin is mostly built in PHP and uses a MariaDB

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