Download the FoldingBrowser

It is recommended for new users to download the FoldingBrowser Windows Installer to get started, as it will bring you through all of the steps to get setup automatically. Please DOWNLOAD the installer from the Github page at https://github.com/Hou5e/FoldingBrowser/releases to get started.

FoldingBrowser Setup Video

For additional info, please see the FoldingBrowser Setup Video.









Note: this advanced method is the old way of doing things. Before you proceed with the following setup, please consider using the above downloadable installation package as it will ENSURE that you have setup everything properly. Keep the following common questions in mind:
  • 1. FLDC is only distributed on the first weekend of every month. This is due to the high BTC fees it requires to send out the FLDC
  • 2. CURE is distributed daily and you need to talk with the Curecoin team about any issues arising with their token.
  • 3. DO NOT use Tokenly Pockets anymore as it has been discontinued
  • 4. DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS such as from Poloniex or Bittrex. If any issues arise we WILL NOT be able to help you recover these and you will need to open support tickets with THOSE organizations. USING AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS SHOULD BE AVOIDED COMPLETELY
  • 5. FAH does NOT ALLOW certain special characters. This includes the @ symbol. So if you use an email address in your FAH name, your BTC address will come up void. Please avoid using any symbol with the exception of the underscore.
  • Advanced Tutorials

    Follow along with this video as we show you how to setup the FAH folding client and your own Google Chrome wallet. Here is the detailed breakdown of the video:

    1. Go to https://counterwallet.io/# and select either wallet that is currently up
    2. Click "Create New Wallet" and SAVE this 12 word password. WARNING: If you lose this password then your FLDC will not be able to be recovered!
    3. Copy Your Bitcoin Address to your clipboard
    4. Go to http://folding.stanford.edu/
    5. Click “Home Page” in the upper right corner
    6. Click the “Start Folding” Pictures on the right hand side
    7. After the download run the program
    8. Follow the steps for setup identity when the new window pops up
    9. Enter whatever Username you desire followed by the characters “_ALL_” then followed by pasting in the BTC address from your wallet. Your username should look like this:
    10. Enter any team you desire. You can learn more about teams by going to https://folding.stanford.edu/home/teams-stats/
    11. CureCoins team is 224497 and you should join this team in order to earn Curecoin as well. Please visit their page for more instructions at http://curecoin.net/
    12, Make sure to follow the steps of obtaining a passkey going here http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/getpasskey.py
    13. Bookmark this page for easy access to your folding client http://folding.stanford.edu/client/

    Advanced Configuration videos can be found on our YouTube page

    Do not use any "_" other then the ones directed in the tutorial above. This will create an issue. Only use underscores before and after the FLDC

    Web Client Layout

    Adv. Client Layout

    Chrome Folder Layout

    Advanced Tutorials

    Here are picture tutorials for various configurations that you can do with FoldingCoin. More will be added for troubleshooting issues as they arise. FoldingCoin Inc. would love feedback on additional tutorials that you would like to see. Please contact us at rross@foldingcoin.net to request picture tutorials.

    Windows Guides

    FAH installation guide
    Video | Picture | Bullet
    Remote Access from LAN
    Video | Picture | Bullet

    Linux Guides

    AMD/ATI GPUs currently unsupported with FAH on linux
    FAH Ubuntu installation guide
    Video | Picture | Bullet
    Remote Access from LAN
    Video | Picture | Bullet

    Mac Guides

    We have had reports of some Macs not working well with Folding@home and having CPU and overheating issues. Please use on a Mac with caution.
    FAH installation guide
    Picture | Bullet

    FAH Client Configuration

    FAH on Chrome
    Video | Picture | Bullet
    Install a GPU in your PC