Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms, conditions, rules, and general liability information about FoldingCoin project

  1. FoldingCoin Inc does not have direct affiliation or partnerships with Stanford University, The LTB Network, or Tokenly Inc. This project was built to help support the adoption of the Folding@home project and we utilize Tokenly and LTB products to accomplish this. All information and comments at foldingcoin.net are those of FoldingCoin Inc and not of Stanford University, Folding@home, The LTB Network, or Tokenly Inc.
  2. FoldingCoin Inc has a permission-less platform in which ANYONE can distribute their own Counterparty based tokens by following the steps provided under the Distribute Tokens page. Just because a Token is distributed on the FoldingCoin platform, does not mean that FoldingCoin Inc has in anyway endorsed the token, the owner, or the project. If you receive a Token on from Folding, this does not mean that the FoldingCoin Inc team has vetted the project or token in which was distributed on the platform. Please do your own research on Tokens you have received from Folding before you decide to get further involved in the project surrounding the Token you have received. Unless if a project has been officially endorsed by FoldingCoin on the FoldingCoin website, please do research.
  3. FoldingCoin Inc provides the platform in which reports are generated from the FAH stats of those participating in the FoldingCoin Inc project by calculating stats from those that have correctly inputted their FAH usernames in accordance to the tutorials provided from the FoldingCoin website. FoldingCoin Inc is not responsible for lost FLDC/Tokens that you may have earned if your name was entered incorrectly and you have not been included in the statistics. YOU MUST FOLLOW the steps exactly as they are laid out on the Tutorials page. You can verify that your username is correct and that you are being included by looking at our daily statistics page found at https://fldc.tech/new/reports/
  4. FoldingCoin Inc does not have any control and FoldingCoin Inc cannot maintenance Stanford’s Statistics page, Folding@home, or any affiliated service provided by the FAH project. Should any or all FAH services be halted, or go down, FoldingCoin Inc is not responsible, or even able, to calculate statistics on those days. Should this happen, when services are back up the FoldingCoin calculation server will simply pick up on the next available day and resume calculations.
  5. FoldingCoin Inc is not responsible for Curecoin distributions. Though we work closely with the Curecoin team, any Curecoin related questions need to be redirected to their support team. For more information about Curecoin please visit https://www.curecoin.net/