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FoldingCoin (FLDC) is a digital token that compensates participants (folders) for their Folding@home (FAH) computational power. With growing community support, more folders are consistently joining the FAH network, to help find cures for cancer, Alzheimer's, and many other viral diseases. With the Merged Folding platform, you can earn more than just FLDC, but also other cryptocurrencies.

To start earning FLDC, please use our FOLDING BROWSER if you are on Windows, as this will ensure that you are setup correctly to receive FLDC and our partner coin CURECOIN






Folding@home (FAH) is a project by Stanford University that has been running since October 2000. FAH uses idle computer power to help simulate how proteins fold in the human body. This research is then used to help researchers find cures for diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

Researchers normally have to spend millions of dollars on Supercomputers to do these simulations. With FAH and the power of the internet, the workload is broken up into small Work Units (WU) and sent to anyone who downloads and runs the FAH program on their computer. This allows Stanford to get the research done without the need of Supercomputers, but rather with the help of many individuals running the program.

To see the success of the FAH project, please visit THIS LINK to their website.
View a list of projects currently being processed by Folding@Home: LINK





FoldingCoin provides an incentive to Folders by distributing FLDC and other tokens, based on the amount of computational power contributed to FAH. Stanford has a STATS PAGE that tracks all the work being completed by each individual folder. Folders earn "points" by completing WUs in a timely manner. At the end of each month, the FoldingCoin organization downloads the stats of each folder and distributes FLDC proportionate to the amount of completed work. FoldingCoin's primary objective is to contribute to the humanitarian cause of the FAH project by substantially increasing the FAH network by providing an incentive-based rewards system.   .

FLDC is built on the Counterparty protocol which allows for tokens to be built within the Bitcoin blockchain. So every FLDC transaction is actually a Bitcoin transaction as well. FLDC is shared in the same wallet that you can hold Bitcoin and other Counterparty tokens in. Earning FLDC can help offset the electricity cost and bring motivation to Folders to buy bigger and better Folding Rigs.


Look through the FoldingCoin calculation server for daily and long term stats, leaderboards, and more information pertaining to participants of the project.

Merged Folding

Do you have a token of your own that you would like to get noticed? distributing your token on the FLDC platform is a great way to get noticed!


FoldingCoin has an 8-page White Paper that goes over the problem we are trying to solve, and the solution proposed. We also have a technical White Paper.

Public Meetings

On the first Saturday of each month, the FoldingCoin team meets to discuss the news and updates of the project. please join us to learn more.


Need help? FoldingCoin has multiple ways to receive help, talk with community members, and talk directly with the developers.

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Please reach out to the FoldingCoin team if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the project.

FLDC is listed on multiple Exchanges

 WARNING: Crypto trading is very risky. With this emerging technology and the massive influx of people interested in crypto currencies, price volatility occurs frequently.
Please use extreme caution when trading, and as always FoldingCoin Inc encourages you to earn FLDC via folding.

Finexbox is a P2P crypto-products trading platform.

Counterwallet is a decentralized exchange that requires no trust in a single party.
All trades are done via the blockchain.


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FoldingCoin Inc is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public charity with a 50% Deductibility Limitation, EIN number is: 47-4148952

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