Provided below is information pertaining to the history of distributions to donors, as well as FoldingCoin, INC charity funds. On the Distribution sheet, each distribution is tagged with the current FLDC value at that time the distribution occured for end of year tax purposes, you can explore the provided information to help figure out the taxable income you have for your tax return. Please consult with a tax professional for your tax filing as FoldingCoin, INC is not a tax consulting organization.


Distribution Record 2017-Present

This spreadsheet will show all distributions for folding that have occurred since January 2017. This spreadsheet will also have the current USD price of FLDC at the time of the transaction for your records. We will have a breakdown of each individual Distribution in the future, so you can easily look up your particular Folding Donor name to discover your earnings. For the time being, please find your address found in the distribution address (TX in column G) and multiply your FLDC received by column D (The FLDC price at TX time)
Google Sheet


FLDC Development Funds

At the inception of the organization, Foldingcoin did not want to call upon donations from donors or list an ICO. Instead we withheld a portion of FLDC to be owned by the organization to support its own development.
Upon creation of Foldingcoin, 10% of FLDC (100,000,000) was set aside and allocated for development funds to further the projects mission and operations.
Here is a detailed breakdown of the funds that have been spent for the organization.
Google Sheet

Historical Record 2014-2016

From the beginning when 1,000,000,000 FLDC were created, up until the present, this tracks the movement of the projects coins through the blockchain all the way until they are distributed out to donors/devs. Funds from 2014-2016 had no reliable USD price discovery, so there is no provided USD price at the time of the TX
Google Sheet: 2014-2016

FLDC Donation Address

We have received donations of BTC and Counterparty tokens throughout the years. Beginning in 2017 we have begun to track and account what we have done with these tokens. Please view this Google docs for a list of expenses from the donations
Google Sheet

FoldingCoin Inc is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public charity with a 50% Deductibility Limitation, EIN number is: 47-4148952

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FoldingCoin Inc does not have direct affiliation or partnerships with Stanford University. This project was built to help support the adoption of the Folding@home project utilizing Tokenly products. All information and comments at are those of FoldingCoin Inc and not of Stanford University, Folding@home, The LTB Network, or Tokenly Inc. Contact us with questions or concerns:

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