General FAQ

FoldingCoin is just extra data recorded on the BTC blockchain. You need to send a small amount of BTC to record the data, and then using CounterParty's tools you can see the amount of FLDC that was sent or received in the data stored on the blockchain.
All of the transactions are public. You can look at the transactions using a blockchain explorer for any address: https://xchain.io
There is a basic profit calculator to give you a rough estimate. Folding Coin Porfit Calculator
That's the great thing about the project, you don't need to ask permission to do anything! However keep the following in mind if you are not willing to work directly with the team: You will not be eligible for FLDC dev funds payout. Before paying devs in FLDC, we need to discuss with the devs what we need and what we are willing to pay FLDC for. You will not receive an endorsement for your FoldingCoin related project. Unless our team has vetted your source code, you are not allowed to say in anyway that your project has been authorized by FoldingCoin Inc. Before beginning on your own, you may want to pick the brain of the community as you may find some additional help for what you are looking to accomplish either from a community member, or a team member. Please stop by our Discord before you begin any work to see if we can help.
Unlike many other digital currencies, you do not receive FLDC every single day. FLDC is only distributed once per month. The distributions are scheduled to go out on the first Saturday of each month, but this can be delayed up until the first Sunday of each month. This depends on how full the Bitcoin mempool is. There are technical and financial reasons as to why we only distribute once per month. Please read the White paper if you have further questions on this matter.
Since FLDC is built on the Bitcoin blockchain, that means every FLDC transaction is actually a Bitcoin transaction. This means that an FLDC transaction has the same rules and limitations that a Bitcoin transaction does. This can mean long unconfirmed times, high fees, etc. Try setting your miner fee higher, if the transaction needs to go through right away. Please join either: our Discord, or the counterparty forums at https://counterpartytalk.org/ for further assistance
Each CounterParty transaction requires that you have some BTC in your wallet to send FLDC or whichever token (probably close to 0.006 BTC, and hopefully less in the future). Also, you might want to calculate the cost of the transaction, to make sure it is worth it. Some of the transaction cost will probably be refunded to you at a later time, depending if you are spending whole transaction amounts or not.
Nope. No minimum PPD to earn FLDC or CURE. FoldingCoin distributions are monthly, on the first Saturday after the end of the month for points earned in the previous month. CureCoin is distributed daily, once you have exceeded the [typically 0.01 CURE] minimum payout threshold, which is set up in the CureCoin folding pool( https://www.cryptobullionpools.com/ ).
No. FoldingCoin is a centralized project. Unlike a traditional digital currency, Counterparty tokens are created and held by admins of the token. This means that any undistributed FLDC funds are held by the team. However, once you receive your FLDC, just like Bitcoin, it cannot be taken away from you without you sending it. Also, the team cannot issue anymore FLDC because it has been locked by the Counterparty protocol. Please read more about this topic in the White Paper.
The FoldingCoin team does not give advice when it comes to trading and investing. This is a highly risky part of digital currencies. No one who is part of the FoldingCoin team will ever give you this advice. FoldingCoin exchanges are listed on the Home page. The best way to get FLDC is by folding itself.
Each month, for any FoldingCoin folder who has folded over 100k Folding@Home points that month, if you're interested in receiving a FOLDERPEPE card, you just need to post your FAH username in the #folderpepe channel by the end of the month. This is limited to the first 40 usernames each month. See the details here: FolderPepe article
You can view the CounterParty assets for a BTC address with: https://xchain.io
If the BTC address is accessible from a CounterParty enabled wallet, then you can get the coins. Otherwise, you need the private key (ability to spend) for the BTC wallet to import the private key into a CounterParty enabled wallet to get to the tokens (CounterParty interprets the extra data stored on the BTC blockchain to determine who has what tokens and the amount).

If the BTC address is an exchange wallet, then you don't have any control over the funds because the exchange controls the private key to the wallet. It is technically possible for the exchange to move the FLDC from the BTC wallet address to your FLDC wallet address, but it would require the exchange's technical support to fix this for you (and they probably won't). Most exchanges now have warnings like: "Depositing tokens to this address other than BTC will result in your funds being lost."
Also, do not fold directly to a wallet on an exchange. You will lose any merged folding tokens that get sent to that exchange wallet.
No, it's not automatic. You can exchange FLDC for XCP on Counterwallet. Currently, you can't exchange tokens for BTC on Counterwallet. https://counterparty.io/docs/trade/ Using other exchanges like Bittrex you can trade for BTC, and they typically have a better price for FLDC. Just make sure you have enough BTC in your wallet to cover the transaction costs. And you might want to calculate the cost of the transaction, to make sure it is worth it.

Hardware and Configuration

No. There is a FAH Android client, but it does not use the same points structure. Unfortunately, cell phones and other mobile devices are not designed to be maxed out for long periods of time, and typically will get really hot and start having problems sooner than it normally would.
No. CureCoin and FoldingCoin are two separate coins, on separate blockchains. BTC and all of your CounterParty compatible assets can be in one wallet. CrypoBullions pool sends out the CureCoin (CURE) to your CureCoin wallet daily. FoldingCoin sends out the FoldingCoin (FLDC) with a small dust amount of BTC to your CounterWallet BTC address once a month (first Saturday of the new month).

Some other differences between the two coins:
FoldingCoin is secured by Bitcoin miners. CureCoin uses a hybrid Proof of Stake (POS) and Proof of Work (POW) combination to secure their network.
FoldingCoin uses a CounterParty compatible web wallet, while CureCoin uses it's own Bitcoin-like Qt wallet.
You can look at the GPU PPD performance database, to see if your cards are close to the estimates: http://www.overclock.net/t/475163/gpu-projects-ppd-database
In general, you will want to have 1 CPU core available for each GPU. If you've got a discrete GPU card, then turning off CPU folding may yield better results.
Yes. Multiple computers using the same username is correct. The passkey is tied to your username based on your email address. If you need to get a new passkey https://foldingathome.org/support/faq/points/passkey/
You can folding on different teams, with different computers, and that doesn't change the passkey either.
PC's with discrete GPU card: You would want a motherboard with x16 PCIe slots for each GPU card, and a CPU with 40 PCIe lanes to run more than 1-2 GPU cards. You start taking a performance hit for the 3rd GPU card on a normal computer, especially on Windows but not as much on Linux. You should try to not go below x8 PCIe lanes for any higher performance GPU card.

Only putting 1-2 GPU cards in a standard PC is the cheapest option, otherwise it's usually an expensive system for 3-4 GPU cards. The ideal situation for 3-4 higher performance cards would be like: (4) x16 PCIe slots: ASUS X99-E WS/USB 3.1 motherboard: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813182968
40 PCIe lanes: Intel Core i7-6850K CPU: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117647

Nvidia based GPU cards typically do better at Folding@Home than ATI/AMD. Not bridging multiple video cards in an SLI configuration is better. Video cards working independently will have a higher overall PPD. Running Linux instead of Windows would be about a 10-15% performance gain.
Running computers on 240 volts (In a U.S. household: line to line, like a stove-top or dryer plug) typically has a 2% better energy conversion from AC to DC for the computer over running the computer on 120 volts (with 80+ Gold or better power supplies for over 90% efficiency).
Laptops & Lower powered PCs without a separate GPU: The Chrome plugin will work for any setup (except things with mobile ARM processors like cell phones/iPads). Typically, it seems like the Chrome plugin does better for some normal and lower-end computers or laptops. The standard FAH client will get the most PPD for a higher-end setup with a GPU. You can try it out for a day or so, to see what works best on your setup.
At this point the built-in Intel HD graphics processor isn't usable by the standard FAH client, where the Chrome plugin typically does better on those computers.


The way this works is actually very simple. The following is what takes place to figure out how many FLDC you have earned:


• When you fold to earn FLDC, you will notice a long string of characters in your username that you have obtained when downloading the FoldingBrowser. This is your CounterParty compatible Bitcoin wallet (similar to an ID), and only you control it. We know where to send the FLDC with the address in your username.
• Each night, the FoldingCoin calculation server pulls the information about all the folders contributing to the Folding@Home project. We download this information in its entirety and look through the database for any usernames containing the Bitcoin wallet ID. We then make these readily available on our stats server. Everyday we do this, and you are able to pull up your stats from every day that you folded.
• On the first Saturday of each month, we run a report of all the Folders who will receive FLDC over the past month and input how many FLDC need to be distributed over this time period. We currently distribute 250,000 FLDC per day. So, in a 30 day month, there would be 7.5 million FLDC distributed for that month. The calculation is done automatically dividing the 7.5 million FLDC proportionally among the Folders based on their amount of work.
• The exact math of the calculation is as follows:
• Number of FLDC to distribute divided by total FAH points
• Each user's work now will be multiplied by the above number to come up with the amount of FLDC they have proportionally earned for that month.
First off, congratulations with your Folding setup! You really need to relax and wait a half day or more now. The Folding@Home servers have about a 2-3 hour delay from when your computer competes a Work Unit (WU), until when you can see how many Folding points you received. The Extreme OverClocking (EOC) http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com website stats are very useful. The stats on their website are only updated once every 3 hours. Or, the official stats: https://stats.foldingathome.org/donors-monthly The FoldingCoin Distribution server only runs once a night, then you can see your information on the distribution page. For now, to find out how much FLDC you have earned for a day, you can use this: http://foldingcoin.xyz/?token=FLDC&total=250000&start=2017-07-03&end=2017-07-04 Where you adjust the date ranges in the web link for a day, press the 'Show Stats' button, and Find (Ctrl+F) your Bitcoin address at the top for daily Folding@Home points and at the bottom for daily FLDC. CureCoin is distributed daily. You can login to CryptoBullions to check the status after a day or so.
Most of the Folding@Home points have a Quick Return Bonus factored in, if you are using a passkey https://foldingathome.org/support/faq/points/passkey/
This bonus doesn't start until you have submitted at least 10 Work Units (WU). Please see the FAH Points information https://foldingathome.org/support/faq/points/
You can use the official FoldingCoin stat website or you can look at your rank on the CureCoin team, and that is pretty close. Just sort by the 24-hour Average PPD column header: http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_list.php?s=&a=1&t=224497 Or: https://stats.foldingathome.org/donors-monthly
It varies day to day based on the number of FAH credits by all FLDC users. 250,000 FLDC/day currently distributed divided by the Total New Credits FAH points/day (found at the top of this web page:) To find out how much FLDC you have earned for a day, you can use this example: http://foldingcoin.xyz/?token=FLDC&total=250000&start=2017-07-23&end=2017-07-24
Where you adjust the date ranges in the web link for a day, press the 'Show Stats' button, and Find (Ctrl+F) your Bitcoin address at the top for daily Folding@Home points and at the bottom for daily FLDC.

250,000 FLDC/day, divided by: 711917626 total points

Roughly: 0.000351164 FLDC / FAH point for 7/23/2017, in the example above.

1,000,000 points * 0.000351164 FLDC / FAH point = 351.164223 FLDC

Then you would just need to take the exchange rate of FoldingCoin on the Bittrex or Poloniex exchanges to get the FLDC-BTC value, then convert BTC to USD. Or, you can use the FLDC value from: http://coinmarketcap.com/assets/foldingcoin/

351.164223 FLDC * 630 satoshis (0.00000630 BTC/FLDC at Poloniex now) = 0.00221233 BTC

0.00221233 BTC * $2771.93 USD/BTC = $6.13 USD
Most likely you have your username setup incorrectly. Please consider downloading and installing the FoldingBrowser as mentioned on the website. If you must do the setup manually, please make sure that your username is set up in the following format:
Username_FLDC_BTCaddress Username - this can be anything that you like.
Normally people choose the username they go by online. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE Username, that is simply the example _FLDC_ - This cannot deviate. You MUST have an _ before FLDC and one after. _ALL_ will also work, but is depreciated. BTCaddress - This is the Bitcoin address you find in your Counterparty enabled wallet. Even though FLDC can technically be sent to any Bitcoin wallet, only Counterparty enabled wallets can view them, and send them.
Real life example of a working FLDC username on FAH: PookTwo_ALL_1FR35A1RR8AWstXpqn5kG2e8xuNxGXuPgY
Your username is case-sensitive. The biggest mistake people make is manually re-setting something up with the username in the wrong format, a different case, with spaces added, or misspelled. Do not copy your username in all uppercase from the welcome message of CryptoBullions. Make sure the passkey you are using, is for your username in the correct case, to get the quick return bonus. If you used the FoldingBrowser to get setup, all that info is saved in the 'Tools' checkbox, 'Saved Data' button.
Our team recommends that you use the official FoldingBrowser to get started. It makes it really easy for the not so tech savvy user. You can find the most recent version of the FoldingBrowser by going to: https://github.com/Hou5e/FoldingBrowser/releases

Discord Rules and Bots

RED - FoldingCoin Team Member. This is the highest role. Anyone with this role is an official part of the team.

BLUE - Curecoin Team Member. We work closely with our partner coin Curecoin and we show which members are apart of their team.

GREEN - Community Member. These are users that are active and helpful within the community. They are allowed to post any links, pictures, files, etc. This role is given periodically to members of the community. The Community Member role does not entail an endorsement from the FoldingCoin project, but that they are a trusted member of the community.. This role can be revoked if misused.

WHITE - Everyone. If you just join the Discord, you will have no role. This is limited to where you cannot send links to untrusted sites, you cannot post pictures or file attachments, you cannot create invite links, and you cannot @everyone.
!fldc help - This command can be used to list all of the available commands and provide a short description about the command. This message will only contain commands that the user has the correct permissions to run. The message containing the info will be sent to the user as a private direct message. The command message will be given a check mark reaction to signify to everyone that the command was processed. This is to help prevent people from thinking the help command did nothing because they can't see the message.
!fldc market - Displays information about the FLDC token, such as the market cap and current price in USD. The information for this is pulled from CoinMarketCap.
!fldc lookup - Allows users to look up an estimate of how much FLDC they will earn from folding in the next distribution. This command supports looking up user by their name, rank, btc address, and full folding @ home name. If more than one user is found, the full name will be needed.
!fldc wallet - Displays information about a bitcoin wallet and the tokens it contains.
!fldc ppd - Displays the current folding points per day for all folders being tracked by the FLDC stat tracker.
!fldc fah - Provides information about Folding @ Home.
!fldc browser - Provides information about the Folding Browser.
!fldc nacl - Provides information about the Folding @ Home native web client for Chrome.
!fldc distribution - Displays when the next FLDC distribution will be.
!fldc user - Looks up information about a user on Discord. It accepts using the name of the user, the id of the user, or pinging the user to look them up. You can also use "me" to get the info of the person sending the command or "bot" to get info of the bot's user account. The information shown includes their discord tag and id. The day the user joined Discord, the day they joined the FLDC Discord, how long they have been a member of the FLDc Discord, their nickname and roles.
!fldc reload - Reloads all of the data that the bot has. This includes commands and all data that is pulled in from various web API. This command can only be used by moderators and admins.
!fldc url whitelist - Allows new websites to be added to the whitelist and be made exempt form the website linking restrictions. This command can only be used by moderators and admins.
• Must be civil and treat everyone with respect
• Keep conversation relevant to FoldingCoin, Counterparty, Bitcoin, Cure coin, and Folding@home.
• The water cooler channel is intended for conversation indirectly relating to the project (such as other science coins, or crypto technology)
• Links posted to join ICOs, promote other cryptocurrencies, or investment opportunities are prohibited.
• There are distinct channels for various conversations, so keep conversations relevant to the appropriate channel.

Merged folding

Merged Folding is still in beta and we are in the process of refining the platform, as listed in the terms and conditions.
The Merged Folding Project allows you to distribute your token to an existing network of participants to bring awareness to your project.
Currently there are between 1,500 and 2,000 folders who would receive your token as well as FLDC.
FoldingCoin does not set the parameters for your tokens distribution. You will be able to set the following parameters:

The duration of time you participate and distribute your tokens
The amount of tokens you distribute
The amount of tokens given to each user, static amount (same for each folder) or proportionally based on computational work
Give out your token to a random number of folders
Neither FoldingCoin or Tokenly charge any fees to use the service, the only fee aside from your token amount your subject to, is the BTC required to confirm transactions of your token sent out to participants.
At this time the BTC dust is still required, but we are in the process of eliminating this requirement.
FoldingCoin intentionally has made the platform as permissionless as possible. The only requirement is only Counterparty tokens are compatible at this time. We are researching the ability of allowing other blockchains to utilize the Merged Folding Platform.
There are no changes you need to make, unless your address you have been receiving FLDC to, is an exchange address. In order to ensure you receive all tokens on the platform, you need to change your address to a Counterparty address.
Exchanges might not recognize every token distributed on the platform. If you use an exchange address, it is more than likely your tokens will be lost and they won’t assist you in retrieving them again. You need to change to a Counterparty address.
The Merged Folding Platform has very little barrier to entry, which means it’s possible for “spam” and “scam” coins to be distributed. FoldingCoin does not endorse all coins taking part in the distribution. It’s important that you research any token before exchanging it or participating with the project distributing the token.

FoldingCoin Inc is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public charity with a 50% Deductibility Limitation, EIN number is: 47-4148952

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FoldingCoin Inc does not have direct affiliation or partnerships with Stanford University. This project was built to help support the adoption of the Folding@home project utilizing Tokenly products. All information and comments at foldingcoin.net are those of FoldingCoin Inc and not of Stanford University, Folding@home, The LTB Network, or Tokenly Inc. Contact us with questions or concerns:
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