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Use the FoldingCoin platform to distribute your own Token


Merged Folding is in BETA currently and still has bugs to work out. This means that distributions may not be 100% accurate at this time. Please be aware that if your distribution is inaccurate, that FoldingCoin is not liable for this. Please follow up on the Tokenly Project Board to get an idea of what issues are still currently known. https://github.com/tokenly/bitsplit/projects/1

FoldingCoin Inc is proud to offer the ability for your project to be able to distribute your token to our Folding participants with the Merged Folding platform. What this means, is you can give out your token to all the participants that receive FLDC. We currently have between 1,500 and 2,000 participants each month that could potentially receive your token! After reading this page over, please read our Terms and Conditions Page before your first distribution.

Since you are in control of your project, your project will determine the manner in which you distribute. Currently the platform allows you to distribute with the following parameters:

• You set the duration of time for your rewards to Folders. You can give your tokens away for a limited time, or indefinitely. It's up to you how long you wish to distribute.
• You set the amount of tokens you will give away. There is no minimum or maximum requirement for the amount of tokens you give away.
• You can give away tokens proportionally to our Folders based on computational power, or give a set amount to each participant regardless of computational work.
• You can choose to give away randomly to our Folders, or even choose to give away to only the Folders who have given a certain amount of computational power.

This can be useful for your project for the following reasons:

• Help to promote Protein Simulations by giving more incentives to those that Fold in order to increase the overall Folding@home network at a small cost to you. This will help your companies image as your project will be helping promote people to use computational power toward medical research rather then mining for an altcoin.
• Do a promotional giveaway of your token to get our community excited about your new product before it’s released. This is a good chance to advertise to our community base with a relatively low cost to perform the distributions.
• Create a special token that works within your platform that can only be earned via folding. This helps to incentivize people in our community to be more engaged with your project if there is a token they can only earn via folding.
• Rather than creating your own blockchain requiring people to maintain, you can simply use an already existing mining base that chooses to fold for science instead.
• If your project is looking for a way to “Airdrop” your token, and your not sure who should receive your token, Airdropping to those that are using their mining equipment for folding is a great way for your project to help a charity with a good cause at the same time of promoting your own project. This is a win win situation for our project, yours, and most importantly medical research.
• FoldingCoin Inc provides this service for free, you only need to pay the BTC required to confirm the transactions of your tokens to be sent to our participants.


So how does this system work?

FoldingCoin has partnered with Tokenly to create the “Merged Folding” platform. Together we have made it easy for your project to do distributions in the same manner that FLDC is distributed. Currently only Counterparty based Tokens are compatible, but we have future plans to expand the system to work with other chains. Also even though Counterparty transactions no longer require BTD dust to send, our system still does. This is the top priority to get solved to save your project costs.


Go to https://mergedfolding.net and click the big green button labeled: Get Started
Next you will be required to make an account with Tokenly. This is free to do, so please click the button labeled: Login or Register Now
Register a new Tokenpass account found at: https://tokenpass.tokenly.com/auth/register
After creating an account, you should be brought to an authorization page. If you are not brought to this page, simple go to https://mergedfolding.net/ again and select “get Started”. Now that you are logged into Tokenpass, you will see the authorization page. Please authorize your tokenpass account to work with Merged Folding.
You will now have access to the distributions at https://mergedfolding.net/home
This is the Counterparty token name. Example: FLDC
This is the amount of tokens you wish to send (this number you may want to change depending on the following parameters)
Even - The above number in section “b” will be evenly distributed among Folders based on the parameters you set in the following fields. This would be useful for a large amount of tokens to distribute. Example: FoldingCoin uses this to distribute out to our Folders since we give proportionally to all Folders based on computational power.
Static - The above number in section “b” will be given statically to each Folder based on the parameters you set in the following fields. This would be useful for giving each Folder a small amount of you token. Example: if you want all Folders to only receive 1 Token unit no matter what, you would set section “b” to 1 and set the Calculation Type to static.
This option will distribute your tokens to all participating Folders within the dates you set in the following section. Example: FoldingCoin uses this to distribute FLDC, as we include all Folders in the designated time frame.
This option allows you to only include Folders that have reached a certain amount of FAH points within a given time frame. Example: if you want to only give your token to those that have earned 100,000 FAH points in the time frame, only those who have at least that amount would be included. Selecting this option will create a new field following this one:
Simply set the amount of FAH points you require someone to have to be included here.
This option will allow you to only include the highest earning Folders in a given time period. Example: if you only want the top 10 Folders, or the top 100 Folders, you would use this option. Selecting this option will create a new field following this one:
This field you will set to the amount of top Folders you wish to pay. If you select 25 for example, the top 25 earners will only be included in the payout.
This option will allow you to pay only a set amount of Random Folders. For example, if you wish to give your token away to 25 random participants, you would use this option. This is a good option for doing raffles. Selecting this option will create 2 new fields following this one:
Check this box to give everyone a chance proportionally based on theirthere FAH points. For example: if you select this option, those who have more FAH points, have a higher chance of being picked randomly. Leaving this field unchecked, will give all participants an even chance of being selected randomly regardless of points.
Select the day that you wish to be the start of your distribution time frame.
Select the day that you wish to be the end of your distribution time frame. Note, if you want to do a single day distribution, this would be the same date that you put as the Start Date in section “e”.
Setting this will determine the priority the transactions will be placed in the mempool. The higher the fee, the quicker the confirmation. Please click the provided link to get an idea of what your transactions will cost to get them through quickly: https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/
Please leave this field alone, as the default dust size is fine as is. This will be eliminated in the future, as Counterparty transactions no longer require this. For now, each participant does cost an additional 0.0000543 BTC on top of the Miner Fee.
Once the above fields are complete, please select “Initiate Distribution” and you will see the webpage load begin to load.
Once you get to this page, you will be given the amount of tokens you need to send to a distribution address, and the amount of BTC it will cost to send. Remember: this BTC is not a fee that FoldingCoin Inc receives, it’s the Bitcoin Miner fees that you have to pay to send the transactions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please join the discord found here https://discord.gg/xhth8cR, or contact the administrator of the project at rross@foldingcoin.net. Thanks and we hope to see you project distribute on the Merged Folding platform!

FoldingCoin Inc is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public charity with a 50% Deductibility Limitation, EIN number is: 47-4148952

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FoldingCoin Inc does not have direct affiliation or partnerships with Stanford University. This project was built to help support the adoption of the Folding@home project utilizing Tokenly products. All information and comments at foldingcoin.net are those of FoldingCoin Inc and not of Stanford University, Folding@home, The LTB Network, or Tokenly Inc. Contact us with questions or concerns: rross@foldingcoin.net

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