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• By distributing your token on Merged Folding, you are aware that this does not mean FoldingCoin has endorsed your project. We have made this platform public and as permissionless as possible so FoldingCoin does not need to vet your project before you can do distributions. You are not allowed to say to your community that you have a partnership with foldingcoin, you are allowed to say that you distribute to the foldingcoin community though.

• Because of unknown regulations at this time, by distributing on the platform, you are doing this on behalf of your projects and thereby take on all responsibility of doing proper reporting for your project. FoldingCoin Inc is not responsible for reporting your distributions to governments or regulators. If your project has done a distribution in the past, you must do your own research on if you are allowed to do airdrops on the platform. By using this platform, you are agreeing to take on all potential regulatory violations by using the platform.

• FoldingCoin Inc can block your project from distributing at anytime if we deem your project to be lacking in development, you are trying to exploit the community with malicious intent, or any other reason that we deem as hurting the FoldingCoin Inc image.

• The Merged Folding platform is free to use, but there are still miner fees associated with sending out tokens on blockchains. FoldingCoin is not responsible for covering these costs on your behalf.

• The platform is still considered in Beta and you are using at your own risk. Should an issue arise in which you lose funds, distribution amounts are not accurate, or any other unforeseeable bugs occur, FoldingCoin Inc will not be responsible for covering the lost tokens, BTC, or other cryptocurrencies used.
• Your distributions are public information and FoldingCoin Inc has the rights to post your distributions, project logo, project website, and other information collected from MergedFolding.net on our website and other places in which we want to display the information.
• FoldingCoin Inc will assist you if needed for questions on how the platform works. FoldingCoin Inc will not hold any funds or distribute funds for you. This is a liability that we cannot take on. It is up to your project to hold, and distribute your funds. FoldingCoin Inc will not distribute tokens for you, and you must use the system to do this. Please email rross@foldingcoin.net or team@tokenly.com with any questions or concerns.
• Currently the system only supports Counterparty based tokens and does not support other chains at this time. Since this is a first release, our system still requires the BTC dust for Counterparty transactions, though it is on our list to remove this requirement. For the current release your project is agreeing to pay the BTC dust for the Counterparty transactions.


FoldingCoin Inc is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 Public charity with a 50% Deductibility Limitation, EIN number is: 47-4148952

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FoldingCoin Inc does not have direct affiliation or partnerships with Stanford University. This project was built to help support the adoption of the Folding@home project utilizing Tokenly products. All information and comments at foldingcoin.net are those of FoldingCoin Inc and not of Stanford University, Folding@home, The LTB Network, or Tokenly Inc. Contact us with questions or concerns: rross@foldingcoin.net

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