Blackout on 2017/09/23

All folding teams, not just FLDC, had a WU blackout between 12am and 12pm on 9/23. But if you notice the 24hr average in comparison to the units produced today . If you do the math, we are probably gonna be around 5.5 million instead of 7-8 million like we should be. I looked around at the other teams and averages are falling across the board.

I took a look at my rigs and many of them have been folding core 16 instead of 17. I had to delete the GPUs from configuration, then I had to restart and add them again. This brought them back to core 17, but I don’t know if it will change back again. No information is on the internet about this, but if you can find a good source post it here and we will pay you a 250 FLDC Bounty. I will keep searching and we will keep paying until we find the answer to this.

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