Foldingcoin calculator update


We have deployed some new code to the FoldingCoin Distribution Calculator. This update will begin to allow folders to be on any Folding@home team, not just 226728. This has been a feature in high demand, so we are pleased to provide it.

If you want to move to another team, or add a friendly name in addition to the Counterwallet address we have used up to now, follow these steps:

  • Generate a NEW Counterwallet address. This is free in the Counterwallet web app. There is a big blue button in the upper right portion of the app “Create New Address”.
  • If you have previously folded and received FoldingCoin, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you use a new address, as your FAH public stats will start over at zero. If you don’t change your address, you will not get any FLDC until the new user name catches up to the credits accumulated by the old address.
  • In your folding rigs, change the user name to “Name_FLDC_WalletAddress”. There are no spaces allowed. But do use the underscores, as illustrated before and after the “FLDC” marker.
  • The new shapshot code will search every folder for _FLDC_ and if it finds it, it will add that folder to the snapshot, which is required in order to pay FoldingCoin.
  • Here is an example of a FAH user name that will work: “FBSoulMan_FLDC_1DTH9UNSZHSCMMTUkzEv57AkemxmUuXjiN”
  • You can now change to a new team, as long as your FAH user name contains _FLDC_ followed by a valid Counterwallet address.
  • It is important to note that the previous snapshot method still works, so if you want to keep doing it the old way, you don’t have to make any changes. No new wallet address, nothing.
  • But if you do want to do it the new way, you MUST use a new wallet address.

Please let Robert or myself know if there are any issues, either on the forums or or

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