Friday update


It has been a very exciting week for FoldingCoin Inc. with me going full time. I still have been figuring out my daily activities for this first week, but I feel a lot got accomplished this week. I will start doing Friday updates of everything that has gone on here at FoldingCoin Inc. since the previous Friday. Well lets begin with this first one:

  • Myself and James have been working hard on finishing the White Paper. We will be working on it again tonight until late hours in the morning.
  • James has been working hard on our new distribution code that will allow other Counterparty tokens to also use the FLDC platform to distribute their respective tokens. What this means is that other tokens can “merge fold” with FLDC participants. This will allow you to receive additional tokens from different token projects in addition to your regular FLDC. We are currently in the testing phase of the new code and will release a full report and details on this once we feel confident that it has been tested with no crucial bugs affecting the code. We will be releasing the name of the token this upcoming week that will be our first to try out this method to bring adoption to their token and FLDC.
  • Re-pointed all Dev folding rigs to the new code for testing
  • I have been working on the website getting new and updated information to access on the website most notable updating the tutorials page. I am so sorry that the original screenshot tutorials were left out in the new website launch, but they are back along with a lot of new information. I am still adding more things to the tutorials.
  • Matt and James helped setup the new countdown timer in the “The Coin” page that lets everyone know when the half life happens for the newly passed distribution methodology. Halving will occur March 23rd, 2017.
  • I have reorganized the internal files for FoldingCoin Inc. as they have started to get clustered due to the schedule differences of all the Devs. Now that I am full time, I will make sure our organization is better. This has been a large part of my week and is crucial to our success in the coming months.
  • Setup an “air-gaped” computer here in my FoldingCoin Inc. office that will never be connected to the internet, is running a clean OS of Ubuntu 14.04, and has a dummy printer with no networking attached to it for printing and maintaining cold storage wallets for undistributed FLDC for better security.

As always, please feel free to email me anytime or skype me: “foldingcoin” with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. Thanks everyone!

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