Merged folding


The following feature will be available February 5th 2015, with POWC being the first token applied.

The FoldingCoin Inc. team members have received overtures from other Altcoins asking how it was done and how they can follow the same model for their coin. Other Altcoins have had concerns over maintaining their own blockchain, gaining adoption, gaining trust in the community, and the overall concern about the vast amount of energy that is put into mining rather than something more productive. Many have wondered if “merged folding” is a possibility.

FoldingCoin Inc. has developed a system where new tokens could have their participants enter a different prefix to their donor name to start receiving the new respective tokens in addition to FLDC for their folding efforts.

  • Folders wishing to receive only FLDC should use the prefix
    • “username_FLDC_[CounterwalletAddress]”
  • Folders wishing to receive only FLDC and the selected tokens use the prefix
    • “username_COINSYMBOL_[CounterwalletAddress]”
  • Folders wishing to receive every token on the platform should use the prefix
    • “username_ALL_[CounterwalletAddress]”

With more tokens being added to the FoldingCoin Inc. distribution family, we can gain more adaption for Folding@home, FLDC, Counterparty, and the respective token all at the same time. Tokens added in this way will be advertised as a collaboration effort on FoldingCoin Inc.’s part but will still be developed and run separately from FoldingCoin Inc. Please CLICK HERE for a list of alternative tokens you can receive in addition to FLDC.

Each token will have its own distribution methodology. What that means is the tokens developers will choose when and how much to distribute. They will also have their own unique way of cutting that distribution amount down should they desire. FoldingCoin Inc. is setup to allow anywhere between daily to monthly distributions and all variations in between.

FoldingCoin Inc. will only help in the calculation of the respective token and provide the distribution platform and is not responsible for any actions taken by the respective tokens development team or payment issues regarding the respective token. You will still receive FLDC from our staff but any discrepancies with other token payments should be taken up with those token developers and not FoldingCoin Inc. FoldingCoin Inc. reserves the right to remove any coin from this list due to lack of development, distribution, interest, or anything done in a manner that could hurt the image of FoldingCoin Inc. Should a token be removed in this way, FoldingCoin Inc. will still continue to distribute to your username using the respective tokens prefix with FLDC should you not want to start your FAH statistics over again.

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