Saturday update


The last two weeks have been amazing for FoldingCoin. We have gained many folders, and have hit numbers beyond what we have done in the past. The highest amount paid out was over 23.9 million FAH credits among 190 Folders. Great job everyone!

Me and James also had the pleasure of being on the Dogedcoindark Radio show two nights in a row. If you missed these shows, Rick the host will have them available on YouTube in the coming weeks. I will put links on the website once they are out. The show went so well the first night, that me and James got the chance to talk with Rick for over 4 hours! It was a fantastic show. We look forward to being future guests on his show anytime.

James was out of town for the past two weeks on vacation, but still worked with us almost ever night. We really appreciate his dedication to the team. He has been working hard on the Merged Folding code and all his testing has been going smoothly. Once Merged Folding is complete, James will be working on additional cool features for the FLDC community in addition to continuously helping to run this cryptocurrency.

We also gained an additional Developer, Jonas, who will be helping us with communication. You may see him on the forums helping out recently. He will be providing support the folders in addition to helping release documents in a more understandable terms for non tech savvy individuals. I will be working with Jonas on the creation of more video tutorials and talks about FoldingCoin Inc. and the Counterparty protocol in general.

Aaron has started us talking about the creation of future plans and road maps. We are talking behind the scenes among the developers and should be releasing some great announcements in the first quarter of this year. He is also doing some outreach to help find developers and individuals interested in helping the FoldingCoin team.

Matt has done a great job in keeping our website up to date and adding the additional pages. We have some things for Matt in the near future and look forward to his continued work on the website.

Advertising on LTB is now going on. We had an announcement in the last episode of LTB, we now have a front page logo, will be acknowledged as supporters of many future episodes, and we have a front page article being published on the 5th of February.

Poloniex trading is still going strong! The first weekend was naturally the highest in trade volume, but we are still getting around 2-8 BTC of volume per day. MasterXchange is still having withdrawal issues and we are in contact with the devs over there. We hope to see the issue resolved soon, but please be patient as the counterpartyd server can be very hard to configure as they are finding out. From the talks with the devs over there, they have been very helpful thus far and we look forward to the continued communication during this time.

More is to come throughout the week and I personally thank all the donors to the Folding@home network, Happy Folding!

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