Merged folding has begun


We are very excited that Merged Folding is launched  For those of you that wish to partake, you simply need to change the _FLDC_ part of your donor name to either:

  • _ALL_ – This will get you all the TOKENs on our platform
  • _SCOTCOIN_ – This will get you FLDC and SCOTCOIN
  • _POWC_ – This will get you FLDC and POWC

If you have an address that is simply your FLDC wallet and you wish to partake, then simply add:

  • Username_ALL_

In front of your address to start receiving all the TOKENs on Merged Folding. For additional questions please contact me or visit our Merged Folding page Found Here.

FLDC will be distributed everyday still but POWC and SCOTCOIN will have different days in which they distribute their TOKENs:

  • SCOTCOIN – A distribution amount of 31,250 Scotcoin per day divided evenly among all participants. The distribution for Scotcoin will take place at the end of each month for the combined totals of each day in the month. SCOTCOIN will only be distributing out 5 million SCOTCOIN before the promotion is over on Merged Folding, so get them while you can! The distribution days for SCOTCOIN are as follows:
    • February 28th – 750,000 Scotcoin
    • March 31st – 968,750 Scotcoin
    • April 30th – 937,500 Scotcoin
    • May 31st – 968,750 Scotcoin
    • June 30th – 937,500 Scotcoin
    • July 14th – 437,500 Scotcoin
  • POWC – 81,000 POWC will be calculated for payouts everyday, and POWC will be distributed every Saturday morning adding up the totals from the previous 7 days worth of folding. That totals 567,000 POWC every Saturday

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