Distribution issues resolved


So we have been figuring these issues one at a time and are making great progress 

First issue: Missed Distributions from 2/5/15 payout

We have sent out the missed payments that didnt make it in the first time around for the payout that was for folders on the 2/5/15 payout. You can find the transaction here and it is currently pushing out all the transactions, everyone who missed out on payment will receive their funds from 2/5/15 within the hour. The issue was we moved to distributing from a CSV file during the transition to Merged Folding and the server didnt like that to much. Going forward this problem will not happen again as the CSV upload was a temporary solution. Some people didnt receive double FLDC payouts which is why you see some 0 FLDC transactions in the original 2/5/15 payout address so for those that received the double payout, consider those a learning curve gift on our end. The total missed addresses equaled 6,078.44011574 FLDC among 123 Folders and this will be paid for out of the developers FLDC pocket and not the undistributed FLDC.

Second issue: Merged Folding Statistics

Our server ran out of memory on the hosted server on where we are hosting our calculations. Before Merged Folding we only did one calculation, but now we are doing a total of 3 (and that will increase by 1 for every other token added on the FoldingCoin Inc distribution platform), so 3 times the memory is required. Why a lot of addresses did not tally up right was because the memory ran out and did not finish the calculations. We run this locally just in case of that issue so no data was lost due to this. James is currently re uploading the correct Stats from yesterday and we will be paying out the 2/6/15 payouts right before we calculate to send out the 2/7/15 payouts for tomorrow morning. We are contacting Namecheap and paying for more memory on the account so this issue does not happen again.

Sorry that todays payout is delayed but I am so happy that we receiving overwhelming support and understanding from all you great folders during the implementation of this new system. Tonight at around 4am EST both today and tomorrows payouts should be pushing through.


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