Payouts are back to running


We made great progress in figuring out the issues that had been going on with the new distribution code. Myself and James have been up to the wee hours of the morning and James has gotten a lot figured out and accomplished in this time. So I would like to go over everything that we figured out and let you know how we are proceeding with the pending issues we still have.

Whats Fixed

  • Starting today, the payments and calculations will be running perfectly fine. Today’s 2/07/15 payment just went out and everyone should be receiving their funds within the next 2 hours. James has all the bugs worked out and we will be proceeding as planned 
  • Calculations for SCOTCOIN and POWC have calculated perfectly with no issues. We have the results from these and will be creating a stats chart for them and a Distribution payout page for them this weekend so you can see what you will be earning on the days in which these TOKENs development teams will payout.
  • We changed the time of the calculations to be synced with so you can look at their charts in a more accurate comparison to your daily numbers.

Whats still Pending

  • Since we changed the time format on the snapshots, the days in the Daily Summaries is now submitting the stats on the day that the WUs are complete before midnight, when before it was submitting the stats for the prior day when the WUs are complete just after 1 am EST. This basically took the stats for the 2/06/15 payout completely out of the Daily Summary page. Since this happened we will have to manually calculate that days work tomorrow in a seperate one time use script. We will then upload the stats manually and fix the time stamps on the Daily Summary page.
  • The Stats on the webpage that say the total points, folder, ext on everypage is going to be inaccurate until we fix the issue mentioned in the bullet above.
  • Since we do not have the stats for the 2/06/15 payout, we will not be paying this day out yet. We have the whole weekend to get this resolved and it will be a priority tomorrow.

I cannot thank you the Folders and James the lead dev for the patience that has been had over these past few days. With new code comes new issues, but we are confident that we have them all ironed out. We will get the 2/6/15 payout as soon as we can this weekend and we will fix the stats page as soon as we can. Thank you all 

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