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I was going to write this up last night but I got to tired and went to bed. Me and James were up for round 3 of fixing the stats page. Everything is working 100 % properly now and we are very excited to have paid out the missing payout from 2/6/15.

So a couple things that I must go over with all you so you do not get confused with the new Daily Stats:

Daily F@H Credits All of the stats are on the daily summary page and up to date. Starting from here on out, the stats will now be in sync with so it will be a lot easier for you all to verify that your stats match with theirs. Due to this change we now run the snapshot before midnight instead of after midnight. That means that the Daily Summaries dates will be changed to a day back. Up to this point, they are labeled as the date that we paid out. Here is an example of how we used to calculate:

The snapshot for Feb 5th is run at 1:00am calculating the prior days statistics. So the folding that occurred and the WUs submitted were from Feb 4th, but since we paid out on Feb 5th, that is what the Daily Summaries labeled it as.

Here is what you are doing now:

The Snapshot is run to be in sync with extremeoverclocking and is run before midnight. So on Feb 5th it is run at 11:30am for the prior day of work. Now the Daily Summaries see this as being labeled Feb 5th since that is when its ran. So the new date Feb 5th will display the work done for that day instead of the day before.

So we feel this is a better system, because now when you click a date in the Daily Summaries page, you will start to see what you earned that day, and not the day before. So with that being said, with our code in the database it created two Feb 5th payouts. Both are valid, but both say Feb 5th since we now run the snapshot before midnight.

New Hosted Server – So the hosted server that we currently have will not allow for the memory usage we need to run the snapshots. The team is looking for a VPS that will fulfill our data needs. We will run this independently from the website once we get it. Until then, calculations are running locally and being uploaded manually. I will still be doing the payouts around 2-4am each morning, but now the stats for the payout will not automatically load. Since James still has to be at his job in the morning, the Daily Summaries will be delayed until each night after 8pm until we get a VPS.

Quick Stats – The stats on every page that go over the folders we have, previous days points, ext… still need some work. Please ignore these for now until we resolve the issue here.

Thank you all so much and please email me with any questions

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