Foldingcoin update


  • Merged Folding had a little rough first 3 day start but everything has been paid up in full and the distribtuion calculations have been running perfectly. We also had the same issue we had early on of the “First day payout” issue. We resolved this issue on day two, but if anyone did not receive their funds please let us know and we will reimburse you out of the dev funds. Thanks Dev James
  • Due to us having to run multiple calculations for the distribution now, we are in the process of looking for a VPS that will host the distribtuion server outside of the hosted website we are on now. This should only run us about $10 per month which will be well worth the benefits we receive of having a secured VPS. Thanks Dev James
  • We are in the process of developing a live Google Hang out session every single month in which donors like your self can ask us questions that we will answer live. After the public meeting we will be holding a company meeting to reflect on the questions you have asked and about things we are looking to do in the upcoming months. Thanks Dev Jonas
  • The website looks to be reorganized and new icons for the website have been added to give it a little more pop than it had before. If anyone has any suggestions for the site, please send them to Thanks Dev Matt
  • The team is now working on Trello which will really help us to stay on top of the pending tasks that we have at hand. If you have your own project that you are working on, I highly recommend looking into using this service. It is a great collaboration system that allows you to see what exactly each of your team members are working on and who is assigned to them. Thanks Dev Jonas
  • Road maps and the White paper are coming along. I know we have been trying to release this for sometime, and we are so close. Please be patient as Merged Folding took up more time then we had anticipated. Myself and James had been up very late nights last weekend to ensure that all Merged Folding participants received their funds. Thanks FLDC team
  • Curecoin now allows you to have a FoldingCoin name on their team to receive CURE along with FLDC and the rest of the Merged Folding platform. Thanks Curecoin team
  • We are starting to work on multiple videos per week and plan on releasing tons of new videos to demonstrate not only further FLDC tutorials, but to go in depth to training with Counterparty and Counterwallet itself. We would love to start doing LTB tutorials to. Thanks Devs Jonas and Robert


Things in the works this week

  • Currently having discussions with another token looking to come onboard with Merged Folding. It will be very exciting to get another token on board so quickly after we released. We will share more details as this unfolds.
  • More discussions on the marketplace have been going on lately as we have some really good news that could make the marketplace 10x easier to create. I cannot disclose this information yet, but I look forward to sharing with you what we have been talking about.
  • We have a skype with a potential volunteer dev with an amazing background in coding and internet security. This gentleman works for the US Navy and needs some volunteer hours for his community. He is an Indiana boy like me and he loves what we are doing. If things work out, and if his experience holds true, we will be getting him started on the profit calculator then the stats page.
  • I have started a new website that is trying to help businesses except BTC as a form of payment. I would also like to incorporate FLDC as a discount token to these establishments. I will also be writing blogs on this website so please check it out when you get the chance

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