First public meeting recap


Here is the YouTube Link for the public meeting that took place on March 1st 2015 from 3 pm EST – 4:40 pm EST. FoldingCoin Inc. developers that attended the meeting:

  • Robert Ross – Director
  • Jona Derks – Public Relations

Discussion topics

  • Robert recapped the 5 distributions that had been completed the night before. The two notable ones where the FLDCVOTEIII (which is the vote taking place during March that will decide if the FLDC team should take 100,000,000 undistributed FLDC and sell it off at the current market rate to raise funding, for more information please click here) and the TOPFOLDER token (which will be redeemable for various things that the FoldingCoin Inc team will offer. The only two things you can use it for are website advertising and sticky forum post on the private forums. Please email for more information).
  • Jona talked about himself and what he brings to the FoldingCoin team along with recaps on what the other FoldingCoin developers bring to the table.
  • We discussed the futures plans that FoldingCoin Inc. is looking to create. We also discussed that these features will cost money and we are to a point in which we need more funding and more developers. Anyone looking to join the dev team, please fill out This Form. Here are the future plans that FoldingCoin Inc. is looking to build:
    • All in one installation package – This will be a Windows exe install package that will include all of the components of the FoldingCoin and Merged Folding setup in a quick and easy installation. This will also include automatically setting your donor name, setting up a counterwallet, installing additional Counterparty projects (optional, but an example is Driveshare from Storj), and create a Main Menu style page that will link the donor to the various things FoldingCoin Inc. will be introducing to the community. Also enabling alert will be great if someone doesnt realize they are not folding because of a computer restart or something of that nature. For a visual diagram of this road map, please CLICK HERE and for a detailed description of the diagram please CLICK HERE
    • FoldingCoin Stats Page – Roughly half of the FLDC Folders have transferred over to Merged Folding since the release on 2/5/2015. Many of the other half of FLDC participants who have not switched to Merged Folding are not doing so because they do not want to start their overall FAH statistics over. FoldingCoin Inc. recognizes this and we have plans in place to give a reason to switch your donor name. Found on our temporary statistics page HERE you will see a road map with plans of a future statistics page that will be feature rich allowing donors to search through FLDC records in a friendlier environment. One of the cool features that will be in the new statistics page is the ability for FoldingCoin Inc. to merge together two different donor names that share a common Bitcoin address. By doing this, a donor who has been using the original format of just their Counterwallet address will now be able to add the prefix to the beginning of that same address and their continued statistics will be merged together. This way they can still see their overall progress that they have folded on both donor names. Using signed messaging, we can also combine two different Bitcoin addresses if someone has been folding on two different Bitcoin addresses. This method will require the donor to sign messages to FoldingCoin Inc with the BTC addresses they want to merge. We feel this will drive more folders to join in on Merged Folding. Though it is good to note, that the Stanford statistics will still show the two donor names as separate. We have some new exciting potential tokens being added to Merged Folding as well and that should encourage participants to also make the change so they can earn all the great tokens on our platform. For a visual diagram please CLICK HERE and for a detailed description please CLICK HERE
    • Counterparty Marketplace – One of the big goals we wish to complete is creating a Marketplace like ebay for users to buy and sell physical goods. We have our first draft of how we envision this to be laid out, but will still need to make adjustments to the overall plan and fine tweak it. We plan on collecting fees in FLDC for various things that you can do on this site. For example: To post an item you must pay 100 FLDC in addition to 0.001 BTC to post it. For a visual diagram please CLICK HERE and for a detailed description please CLICK HERE
    • Off Chain Distribution System – The distribution costs for FoldingCoin is beginning to get expensive and we need a system in which the donor pays the transaction fee. For a single donor to pay the transaction cost is 0.000178 BTC in comparison to FoldingCoin Inc paying 0.00006 BTC per each donor per day. We need a system where we could calculate a folder’s FLDC earned in an “FLDC earning period” and credit these to a secure account on our FoldingCoin system. Then we would offer a system where the folder could do a withdrawal of their FLDC balance to their own Counterparty wallet any time they desire. For a visual diagram please CLICK HERE and for a detailed description please CLICK HERE

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