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  • The FLDCVOTEIII vote (for deciding if 100,000,000 undistributed FLDC should be sold) is currently underway. Currently YES is winning, the NO category has had an overwhelming support on the forums. This vote is extremely important and we would love if everyone submitted a vote before April 1st. Please visit the VOTING PAGE for more information
  • The first public meeting went very well and you can find a recap on this meeting HERE. The main topics discussed had been the future road map of what FoldingCoin Inc intends to do and the features we intend to build. The next public meeting will be held April 5th, 2015 at 3pm EST. More information on this meeting and signing up to attend can be FOUND HERE.
  • The FLDC participation power is now at 10% of the entire Folding@home network. The statistics page can be found HERE with the future road map on the page of how we envision to build the new statistics page.
  • We have added Octoparty (OCTO) to the merged folding family. Octoparty is a token that is being revived since the original developers abandoned the original altcoin 888 or Octocoin. This would be a great example of how a coin can be revived using the Counterparty protocol and the FoldingCoin Merged Folding platform. Be aware that OCTO will be a community asset and is not associated with Octocoin 888 or it’s original developers. We as a community are choosing to leave the original, abandoned blockchain behind to participate in the Counterparty protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain. While we do have leadership in place that is planning the first project for the new asset, you the community will be free to use any available open-source code to build and promote your own projects in the community. However, please understand that certain projects, applications and activities will not be allowed to be promoted on official OCTO forums for legal reasons. Octoparty is still debating exactly how they will distribute on the Merged Folding platform and will have a decision by March 8th when OCTO will start calculating Merged Folding Participation. CLICK HERE for the Octoparty ANN forum.

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