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  • FLDCVOTEIII is still going on. Right now the YES vote is winning 55% to 45% NO. This vote is extremely important and needs the voice of every donor out there. Please cast your vote today on if FoldinCoin Inc. should sell off 100 million undistributed FLDC to raise money or if we should not. Vote Page
  • Merged Folding participation is roughly 70% of all FLDC donors. Please join today by adding the prefix “username_ALL_” in front of your Bitcoin address so you can begin earning SCOTCOINPOWC, and starting tomorrow OCTO. We will also be announcing another participant that is very exciting in the upcoming weeks.
  • FoldingCoin FAH power is no just over 10% of the entire FAH network. Great job Folders! The Stats page will show you a great line graph of our contributions over the past 8 months. We have been on a constant growth this year and I encourage all of you to help your friends and family to contribute to FAH using FLDC rewards.
  • The team has been doing a lot of behind the scenes things getting ready to start building the new features that we went over in the recent Public meeting. James now has some great help with another developer that we have brought on the team. Everyone welcome Chad Folden to the FLDC development team! Yes that is his last name, so you know he will be great 
  • We have some upcoming scheduled public speeches at various Meetups and Robert has already done one recently at a Drupal Meetup in Indianapolis. This was recorded and once the video is rendered we will post it on our YouTube channel. This is a great way to do some outreach and awareness to the community.
  • Make sure if you have a TOPFOLDER token that you contact to redeem front page advertisements of whatever you would like. This can include other crypto projects that you support or work on. Anything posted cannot hurt the image of FoldingCoin and this will be up to our discretion. You can also keep this as we will offer the ability to redeem this for other various things in the future as we add them.
  • The team is now using a time tracking software so we can get a good understanding of where exactly all of us are spending our time throughout the week.

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