Spells of genesis - New merged folding token


The Spells of Genesis team is proud to announce their partnership with FoldingCoin, providing 100,000 free BitCrystals and 300 unique trading cards towards their Merged Folding Platform, assisting in the computational development of vital medicines.

To earn BITCRYSTALS and the FDCARD card in addition to FLDC please make your donor name style:

  • username_ALL_CounterwalletAddress

Starting March 13th until May 31st, calculations for the Merged Folding _ALL_ command will allow you to earn BITCRYSTALS in addition to the exclusive FDCARD card for SoG that can only be obtained via the folding method.

If you are not already folding, please follow the following two steps to get started:

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is an upcoming trading card/arcade game, from Swiss-based company EverdreamSoft, which will integrate bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game economy as well as its storyline. It is targeted for release in late 2015 for iOS and Android devices. The development of the game will be funded by a token sale which will start in June on Koinify.

BitCrystals are the game fuel and premium currency of SoG. As Counterparty assets, they are tradable and can be used to create card packs and acquire new items in the game. Read more about BitCrystals and our in-game economy HERE.

In addition to BitCrystals, there will be distributed 300 unique trading cards among the folders also as a counterparty asset named “FDCARD”. These cards will be playable in the game and will be freely tradable (also in bits). The card is specifically designed for FoldingCoin and will not be distributed in any other way.

Distributions will occur monthly for BITCRYSTALS and the FDCARD. BITCRYSTALS are divisible tokens and like stated before are game fuel for SoG, so having fractions of a whole token can be used for various things such as buying packs of cards. The cards on SoG are normally non divisible tokens as they represent individual cards. However, in order to distribute FDCARDs among Folders this particular card needs to be divisible. So as long as you have 1 whole FDCARD in your wallet you will have the card, anything less will not be eligible to use the card in the game.

Also in order to not have this card centralized to the top Folders on Merged Folding, you will be maxed out at 0.5 FDCARD per monthly distribution. This will then allow for more fractions of FDCARD to be distributed among the lower Folders so some of the lower Folders will receive a higher fraction of FDCARD rather than just satoshis worth (satoshis worth would make it extremely hard to earn a whole card during the promotion). BITCRYSTALS will still be distributed evenly in the same manner that the rest of the tokens on Merged Folding are.

The daily distribution amount for BITCRYSTALS will be 100,000 tokens over 80 days from 3/13/15 – 5/31/15 at 1,250 BITCRYSTALS per day:

  • April 1st: 23,750 BITCRYSTALS Distributed
  • May 1st: 37,500 BITCRYSTALS Distributed
  • June 1st: 38,750 BITCRYSTALS Distributed

The daily distribution amount for FDCARD will be 300 tokens over 75 days from 3/13/15 – 5/26/15 at 4 FDCARDs per day:

  • April 1st: 76 FDCARD Distributed
  • May 1st: 120 FDCARD Distributed
  • May 27th: 104 FDCARD Distributed

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