FAH statistics down due to electrical storm


In a blog posting from FAH dated May 17th, 2015:

Likely due to a recent extremely heavy (and unusually rare) electrical storm, we’ve had some server issues last week. I thought we’d gotten them all but we see now that there’s an issue with, which serves up both the Folding@home stats and project descriptions. While the stats are being accumulated on a separate server, fah-web is the web server that displays them to donors. I’ve taken a look at it and there’s a more serious issue with a particular server than I can take care of myself. I’ve filed a ticket with the sysadmin team. Best guess ETA on this being fixed is Monday at noon (assuming this is something simple). The stats accounting is still going on and this appears to be just an issue with the web server (fah-web), so we expect that this resolution should be simple enough once our sysadmin team gets to this on Monday .

Currently FoldingCoin will suspend calculations until this issue has been resolved. Please continue to fold though as once this has been resolved, we will be able to recalculate all points that have been earned. One thing that may happen though, is we might have to calculate 3 days worth of folding together and pay out 1,500,000 FLDC proportionally over the three day period instead of paying 500,000 FLDC proportionally over a one day period.

Folding@home has been great at resolving issues like these and I have faith that they will resolve this issue in a timely manner so that way everyone will be able to see their statistics produced once again. FoldingCoin will have a complete report once this issue is resolved on how we will make everyone whole with the FLDC that they should have been earning since the beginning of the issue. If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please do not hesitate to contact right away to express your concerns.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and continued commitment to helping the medical community with your computational power.

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