Distribution back to normal


This week has been a little slow for the FoldingCoin team as we all had personal things to tend to. Jona is also out of the office for a week as he is traveling. But with that being said, James was able to fix everything and get the distributions back to par last night. So all distributions and payments are caught back up once again and here is what we had to do:

  • Because the snapshots are taken based off of the previous days work, this past week no snapshots had been taken
  • With the above being true, we got a snapshot between yesterday and the 16th which was the last day folks had been paid FLDC on time
  • Since this equaled seven days, we had a total of 216,039,528 FAH credits. So we took 3,500,000 FLDC instead of the traditional 500,00 FLDC and divided that by the total FAH credits to come up with the total FLDC each person was entitled to
  • This was the best way we could solve the issue and believe this is the fairest and only logical way to do this

Everything is now back up and running and no other issues are currently in site. If you have any questions or concerns, please as always email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks Folders!

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