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It has been a little while since we have done a community update for FoldingCoin in a blog form. The month of May was a really slow month for FLDC, as the entire team had a lot of personal tasks they had to attend to, but June is looking really good for the FoldingCoin project. So here are the things that have been going on:

  • FoldingCoin has submitted the 501(c)3 application to the IRS and we are currently awaiting confirmation of our tax exempt status. This could still be a couple of weeks out, but this will open the door to many other ventures we previously could not pursue. More to come in the following weeks.
  • is a site created by the FoldingCoin team that covers all of the projects in the Counterparty space. Its a great tool for seeing the other tokens that are being developed in the space
  • I have started a podcast on the LTB Radio Network called “XCP Weekly Update with Robert Ross”. There are already two shows available and these will be uploaded every Sunday morning.
  • Chad Folden, the lead developer of the Marketplace Beta we plan on releasing, has had to take a leave of absence due to personal reasons right now. Because of this myself and James have had to switch gears on this again and begin a new marketplace built on WordPress. However all is not lost, as we have discovered WordPress may be an ideal solution for this because of to things: WooCommerce and Cointopay. is a service that has a payment system for accepting a large variety of cryptocurrencies inside of your WordPress woocommerce shopping cart instead of something like paypal. A the really good news is XCP is on the list of accepted currencies. I have contacted their development team and asked them about integrating other XCP assets and they responded telling me integrating other Counterparty tokens in their system is easy for them to do at a very low cost. A beta will be available by the next meeting.
  • A new volunteer from the Indianapolis Bitcoin Meetup is beginning to help FoldingCoin to build the all in one installation package. This is something that we feel is extremely valuable to the FoldingCoin community in order to attract more mainstream users to adopting FoldingCoin.

Next month will be packed with more information about the marketplace as the beta will be released by then. Please remember we are building more time consuming applications right now, so the future release of projects will take time. Thanks Folders!

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