Public meeting #4


This was the fourth monthly public meeting held by the FoldingCoin team. All topics have a hotlink to the exact time of the video in which we discuss a particular topic. You can also visit the FoldingCoin public meeting page here for the information on the next public meeting being held July 5th at 3:00 PM EDT.

  • 0:00 - Introduction to the meeting and explanation of the team being busy with personal related tasks
  • 2:47 - Shaban from Spells of Genesis discusses BITCRYSTALS and the project
  • 6:10 - Discussion of the Marketplace FoldingCoin is planning on developing
  • 9:54 - 501(c)3 status is under review for the IRS
  • 10:19 - is now using the Coindaddy Reputation System. Then a general overview of is given
  • 12:50 - Robert is now hosting a podcast on the LTB radio network
  • 13:29 - Open discussion with the participants of the meeting
  • 15:55 - Discussion about FoldingCoin recently slowing down in growth
  • 19:15 - New volunteer Ed has joined the development for FoldingCoin helping with building the All in One installation package
  • 23:36 - Kris goes over the Octoparty development updates
  • 28:46 - Will FoldingCoin have a chrome plugin?
  • 30:00 - Spells of Genesis Chrome plugin
  • 32:56 - Overclocking and GPUs and the effects it has
  • 34:20 - T Shirt sales to be sold on the marketplace
  • 35:00 - Discussion of funding
  • 37:43 - Current state of the FoldingCoin distribution funds
  • 41:42 - FLDC added to WorldCoinIndex and Verified market coin on Bittrex
  • 44:40 - Discussion on the upcoming month and what we have been doing in May
  • 46:37 - Minecraft crypto server
  • 52:26 - FoldingCoin video tutorials
  • 53:03 - Closing statments

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