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It has been a while since the last community update. Since we are working on larger projects, we will cut the community updates down to once a month as there will not be as much to report as often (unless a big news report happens, then we will post right away).

Here is what is currently going on:


SCOTCOIN Returns!!!

I am happy to announce that SCOTCOIN has decided to once again join the Merged Folding family with another promotional give away!

SCOTCOIN has some exciting changes coming up in their community and they feel that another go with FoldingCoin is a great way to spread the word about SCOTCOIN and curing diseases with your computer.

This time SCOTCOIN will be giving away 1,000,000 SCOTCOIN over the course of the remaining 4 months in the year coming to 250,000 SCOTCOIN per month or 8,333 SCOTCOIN per folding day.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Happy Folding!



Remember, you can now post your items on the marketplace at and we would love as much feedback on this as possible. I will begin to put a lot of stuff on there soon to see what the marketplace looks like when its full, but would love a variety of community members to also begin selling stuff on there.


Merged Folding

We are in talks with two additional new Counterparty based tokens and we hope to come to an agreement with both of them soon. More details to follow with this soon.


Folding Participation Levels

Jona has began a new campaign for those that have folded the longest (not necessarily the most) and you can find the discussion at the ANN thread. Here is the overall view of what this campaign entails:

  • At the monthly meeting, I talked about using 5Mln of the 100Mln undistributed tokens we received for rewarding long-term folders. This way we can also reward small contributors for their dedication. What I propose:
  • We count the number of days an address has been included in the daily distributions. We then reward the folders via weekly distributions for reaching the following milestones with X amount of FLDC:
  • Level 1: Junior Folder 0-30 Days

    Level 2: Folder 31-100 Days

    Level 3: Senior Folder 101-200 Days

    Level 4: Hero Folder 201-363 Days

    Level 5: Legendary Folder 364-727 (1 full year)


Stress Test 2

It is possible that Bitcoin may be seeing another stress test coming soon. Due to this, on some days distributions may be delayed depending upon the Bitcoin traffic levels. You can read more about this at this Reddit thread.


Public Meeting

The public meeting has moved to the second Sunday of this month as all the devs have obligations this upcoming weekend. Please join us then on September 13th 2015 

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