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Hi everyone  I have been traveling on the road and it has been really hard for me to keep up with everything that has been going on. But to keep the community up to date, here are the changes and new updates that have been going on since James has left:

Distributions have been really tough for me to do on the road and since our calculation server is different. I have switched distributions for the time being to be every Sunday for now until the distribution calculator is back at 100 percent. I apologize for the lack of information here throughout the week.

Currently right now, they way that you can view your statistics on a dialy basis is by visiting this website:

You simply change the dates to find the exact calculation date you are looking for. So for example: If you are looking for the statistics from the 24th of October, the first date at the end of the URL would be 2015-10-24 and the second date would be 2015-10-25 this is because the calculation runs for the 24th on the 25th.

I have been trying to get FoldingCoin work is as much as possible, but currently in my life I have been having a few things going on. One of which I am really excited to tell you all that I got engaged so that has taken some time away. The other is more important to FoldingCoin and that is I finally am off the road for as long as I can tell. I am involved in a new division of the company I work for and all the work is local, so no more travel issues. Another problem wit4h me also trying to fit in FoldingCoin is that balancing life and crypto can be very difficult so I don’t want to make that same mistake again. Starting in November I will have a set schedule on when I am working on FoldingCoin and cryptocurrency. I will be doing crypto work exclusively on Sundays and Thursdays from 7am-6pm starting in November. Rather than try and fit FoldingCoin in whenever, I feel that having these two days blocked out from all outside ventures will be great for me getting more things done for FoldingCoin.

The site has not been heavily used so far. We are working on a rebranding of the website to be a better tool for the FoldingCoin and Counterparty community.

This is not in use yet, but its time for an official FoldingCoin forum. You will see at we currently have something running, but right now a lot of its spam. We still need to tweak it around, but official forums have been long over due and we should have it fully ready by the months end.
So far the talks with the new devs are going great, and hopefully we should have something amazing for you all by Q1 of next year. As always email me with any questions or concerns and thanks for taking the time to read this. Thanks!

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