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Hey everyone, thank you for participating and viewing in the relaunch meetings that took place over the past weekend. I feel we had some great conversations about bringing FLDC and Merged Folding to the next level. First off I would like to thank Jeff for coming out and showcasing his great All In One installation package. We look forward to seeing that developed, but remember, this is still very very beta and lots of work needs to be done to get the All In One complete. So here is the recap for the meetings if you missed them and you don’t want to watch them:


Saturday March 26th (Robert only):

  • Discussed my current situation of needing to step down as the Director of the project. I will remain the Director until a replacement is found, but i cannot do nearly as much as i have in the past. Since FoldingCoin Inc is a registered non profit, anyone looking to be on the Board as the Director position needs to send a resume to for our review. Remember, regardless of which country you may live in, this position has to have your real information on file for legal purposes.
  • Unlike the Board seat, volunteers still only need to talk with us on social media/slack related sites. To volunteer you do not need to give us your full information, a name and slack handle will be enough. Feel free to email me with what you intend to bring to the project, or simply begin discussing and collaborating with other members of the FoldingCoin community by signing up to our slack at
  • We will be looking to rebrand FLDC into focusing mostly on Merged Folding and getting the platform back up and running. In the past we have tried to work on to many things at once. We had been very successful when we had a full time coder on staff, but with just me and Jona left everything has been slowly degrading. Me and Jona agree that the Merged Folding platform and the potential for multiple tokens to be distributed on the platform is the best way for FoldingCoin to make an impact on the world.
  • The dev team can no longer try and find value for FLDC itself. We have done everything we can for this, but going forward the value of FLDC needs to grow organically from community members building their own projects that will raise the value of FLDC. We feel that getting Merged Folding to the next level is where the focus needs to be.
  • I discussed an outline for potential coders to fix our current platform. Right now we are at a point to where James has already built the hard part, and Joe fixed it to work better in a way to where Merged Folding Participants can manipulate the statistics according to their own needs. We now need someone to make a good GUI to make it easier. I have pledged $1500 to get this done and I will be looking for a local hire from to complete this process.
  • The entire meeting can be found here:


Sunday March 27th (Robert, Jona, and Jeff):

  • We began the meeting with a recap of the previous days meeting.
  • Community Member Jeff announced and showcased his first BETA version off the All in One installation package that we have been wanting for sometime. This package could make it easier to start folding for those that are not that technical. Jeff took the time to show all the features he already has and its looking great. Please note that this is extremely beta right now, but there is something great here. Please join in the slack and talk with Jeff if you are interested in helping. Jeff built this program in visual basics and it is indeed an EXE file for windows as most users use.
  • Jona went over the excel spreadsheet he created on how to distribute the 100 million FLDC to those that help build the project. He went into great lengths discussing his ideas and philosophies for the pay structure. Please feel free to check it out and comment on it. The document can be found here :
  • I discussed the LTB asset distributor in the previous days meeting and how we may need to run our own instance of it. However I had a brief discussion with Adam after the meeting and they should have a public instance of the distributor available fairly soon. So instead of needing someone to create our own instance we should be able to use that one. More information to come from this soon after I have a longer conversation with Adam.
  • We then openly discussed the future direction of the project and what goals need to be in place. Here is a brief recap of those conversations but i suggest watching the entire meeting in full if you wish to learn more:
    • I will finish the website, but then we will be looking for a website developer to take over
    • Jona will continue doing communication and marketing efforts in addition to helping delegate volunteers
    • Jeff looks to continue working on the AIO at his own pace
    • We emphasized that volunteers are needed in the future for this project to grow as it cannot be expanded by just myself and Jona any longer
    • I talked about how i feel I have gotten the project as far as i can with my skillset and we need someone with more experience to take the director position going forward. Jona however feels that if we find more volunteers to take a lot of the weight off my shoulders that I could continue to be the director. I agree with this as well, but until we have those volunteers I cannot do everything alone any longer.
    • We will be suspending the Merged folding tokens for now until a more sound system is in place. We look to get this back up and running as quickly as possible to continue Merged Folding and open it up to the public for permissionless distributions.
    • No longer will we focus on multiple projects at once. We as a team need to zero in on specific goals to complete one at a time. Other kinds of ventures need to be created and run by community members. Remember, you do not need permision from the FoldingCoin team to run your own FLDC related project. If you have something in mind feel free to build it. Look to the SOG community for a good outline as many community members there have built SOG related sites and projects without the permission from Everdreamsoft.
  • The entire meeting can be found here:

We will go back to having monthly meetings on the first Sunday of every month. So the next meeting will be this upcoming Sunday, April 3rd at 3:00pm EDT (UTC -4, 19:00). The following links are already available, but if you would like to join the meeting live, please email me and I will send you the private join link 1 hour before the meeting begins.

Thanks everyone for your continued support of the project and I look forward to helping get FoldingCoin back on the right track. See you all Sunday!

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