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Hello everyone! We will be running the actual monthly meeting this upcoming Saturday May 7th at 12 pm EDT and the event page can be found here but I still wanted to give a little bit of an update whats been going on. So here is the recent slack transcript and to continue on the conversation please join the slack general channel at

pooktwo [4:16 PM] Hello @channel  This is Robert and I am going to hold this months meeting here on slack as @jonaderks is unavailable and I am still on the road so this will be much easier. At the end of the meeting I will post its entirety as a blog post on FoldingCoin

[4:17] Please be sure to ask any questions that you might have and I will get to them. @helene i posted on Bitcointalk for people to join in here if they would like, but I will have a transcript ready after the meeting that they can read. Slack is live chat so its better to do it here IMO[4:18] So I will go over some of what been going on with the development side (as much as I can) and thats about all we will have to discuss at this meeting…. Except of course the fact that we have a wonderful new social media person and thats @helene and she has been doing a wonderful job of staying active on twitter. Already we have about 100 more followers since she has been taking over[4:20] So I wrote up a development paper for the team we are looking at to take over the FoldingCoin development. I think we have some pretty sound communication with them right now and I think something will come from this team. I will share one paragraph I had from this paper that I want you all to take the time to read 

helene [4:22 PM] Thanks for the shoutout @pooktwo I am happy to help any way I can with the social media channels to keep FoldingCoin “in the News”

pooktwo [4:23 PM] oh absolutely  thank you for doing a great job, muuuuuuch better then anyone on the team has ever done. Did we ever have any luck linking you to the foldingcoin facebook?

[4:23] *still pulling up the paragraph i want to share*[4:25] wow, I had a bunch or errors on that paper, thanks helene for fixing them lol, just accetped them all[4:26] so here is the section I wanted to share, as you are reading I will be typing up a descriptino on why this section is important:[4:26] 1.0.0 – Distributed Computing Community
FoldingCoin, CureCoin, GridCoin, and others like them have proven to fill a desire not necessarily in the cryptocurrency community, but within the distributed computing community. The distributed computing community is significantly larger and has been around much longer than the cryptocurrency community. It dates back to 1998 when SETI@home began as you may remember. Within Folding@home there are over 107,000 independent computers running the program and the BOINC community (which offers a wider selection of computing platforms) has a combined total of over 1,000,000 computers. I would guess that there aren’t that many combined independent miners across all cryptocurrencies, but I have no data to back up that claim. Either way, the point is that this is a huge potential market to be introduced to cryptocurrency in a more positive way than monetary gain.
1.1.0 – They HATE money for work
In the early days of FoldingCoin, I tried infiltrating forums that had been specifically designed for the discussion and teams of various folders. I must have signed into over 100 team forums from some of the top FAH teams to promote joining the FLDC team to earn crypto. I thought they would instantly love it, but boy was I wrong. The distributed computing community in general does not approve of the use of distributing computing for monetary gain, they see it as virtually evil and unproductive for the world. These people have been happily folding and crunching calculations for various computing projects for decades without being paid so I can understand why they do not approve of Bitcoin and Tokens when they are first pitched the idea. Now obviously those reading this document understand like I do the positive social implications that BTC and Tokens will have on the earth so I don’t need to go into detail on why they are wrong.
1.2.0 – They LOVE rewards for work
I learned that folders absolutely love receiving something not labeled as a currency, but rather some kind of reward. Take a look at team folding@EVGA for example. They are the most successful FAH team out there (by far) and they are run by the GPU company EVGA. The reason they are so successful is because EVGA gives you “EVGA bucks” for you to participate in Folding@home….. And their folders absolutely love this! They don’t see it as EVGA paying them for folding, but rather they see it as EVGA rewarding them for folding (which technically is what is going on). Many teams in FAH share a similar model, but some run rather a TCA type of model to where if you fold “x” amount, then you have access to this particular part of the forums.[4:29] ok @jonaderks is here, I will be setting up a google hangout to continue  one second please

pooktwo [4:35 PM] ok so there was some misunderstanding this week, @jonaderks tried to contact me via skype but i no longer use skype that much so i didnt get his message. Going forward anyone that tries to contact me via skype please do so here instead, thanks  So as for the remainder of the meeting, I will still post some more of the document that went out for feedback but we will be doing an actual meeting this upcoming Saturday at 12pm EDT (edited)

[4:37] time change*[4:40] so here is what exactly the development team will be making for us should they accept the work:[4:43] We have asked the development team to automate our process so that anyone can run and distribute their own tokens on our platform easily and automatically rather then having to go through 4 different portals and processes like we do right now[4:44] We have also asked to remove the difference’s of Merged Folders and make it so everyone earns all Tokens and here is why:[4:45] 1. Every single new user with the exception of around 5 since merged folding have decided to use the _ALL_ command. The only people using _FLDC_ and BTC address only are people who have been around for a very long time and do not want to change their names due to the statistics that they have earned.[4:47] many of them have expressed concerned about missing out on things like FDCARD even though they have been around for longer then some of the new folders who earned an FDCARD because they joined later. This is obviously an honest mistake of ours that we did not see forthcoming, but after the board discussed it we feel the best path forward is to make eveyrone a merged folding participant[4:47] 2. because it simplifies the code

shai [4:48 PM] it will make folders who use exchange wallet to ‘give’ the token to the exchange, who can sell themselves on the dex…

pooktwo [4:49 PM] currently when James set this up, we would have to run a different report for each token that was on merged folding. We maxed out at 4 total tokens at one point and it wasnt that big of a problem, but if we have lets say 25 tokens on our platform then the report would have to run 25 times each day and it could get overloaded. With Joes version it simplifies that and just allows you to change the variables rather then running seperate reports

[4:50] yes folders who use exchanges to directly fold to have been made aware of the issue. Its never suggested to fold directly to an exchange for this reason. If you choose to fold to an exchange thats your choice but there isnt anything realistic we can do to fix that @shai[4:50] oh i see… sorry i read that wrong @shai[4:50] are you sayting this will make them go back to using a standard CP wallet?[4:51] *continuing the summary of the development paper*

new messages
shai [4:52 PM] no..

[4:52] i mean exchanges will earn the tokens. and sell on the DEX…[4:52] so it might devalue the token

pooktwo [4:54 PM] so we want to have the dev team make a page that has simple fields that a distributor can manipulate in order to distributor exactly how they want to. The fields will be:

Distribution Title – Just like the Asset Distributors field in which once entered it gives this distribution a unique name

Token Name – FLDC, LTBCOIN, FDCARD, etc.

Project Website – Website with information from the distributor

Start Date – First day of calculation

End Date – Last day of calculation (if only doing one day, then this should be the same day as the start date)

Calculation type

Max Rewards (edited)

[4:56] sorry, had to much on there before to read lol, thats the stuff we will go over in the meeting on saturday, for now its simplifeid[4:56] @shai:

shai [4:56 PM] ok:)

pooktwo [4:56 PM] its possible that it could, but I guess what I would say is we need to be more active on expressing the dangers of folding directly to a wallet, but I feel most people do not do that

[4:56] oh i was saying @shai for the thing i was about to say [4:58] and if it devalues lets say FDCARD, that is the risk that SOG will have to take when they distribute on our platform, but i feel an overwhelming amount of people fold diretly to their own wallets. Does this sound good to you or besides the devaluing can you see another flaw with combining merged folding? We would love as much feedback as possible @shai

shai [5:00 PM] no other concern

pooktwo [5:01 PM] @willh: Looks good, glad you are learning as you go, thats what I have been doing for 2 years now  I hope when we get merged folding working to a point in which we can comfortably and easily offer it again that you will be back

[5:03] ok great @shai  well that is pretty much all i had for this month, still kind of slow and until we get something final with the dev team we are looking at, nothing else is really going on. I want to get FoldingCoin to a point in which it can run itself (at least the distributions) and allow the community to grow the coin strong by using and promoting it. Because remember, all Merged Folding particpants get FLDC and it is on an exchange. The things i forsee being on the merged folding platform are things like FDCARD and coupons, nothing that will ever be on an exchange. Obviously SCOTCOIN and offers are an exception, but i forsee this more being utilized for giveaweays, not currency distribution[5:04] of course I will still be here a while if anyone has any questions, and once again the actual google hangout will be this upcoming Saturday at 12pm noon so I can get more into detail then about what we are looking for with the dev team, but I at least wanted to give the community an insight to what we are thinking on our ends.[5:05] Hopefully we have an agreement with the dev team by then, but if not then we will tell you as much as we can

helene [5:05 PM] I tweeted the announcement for the saturday hangout so I hope people will post questions here in the slack during the week that can then be answered in the hangout.

pooktwo [5:06 PM] oh that actually is a good idea @helene  (edited)

[5:06] im going to answer the BTCtalk now but ill still have this window open

helene [5:07 PM] Also I asked the people that follow the thread on BTCTalk to keep posting their questions there so they can get addressed in the next hangout

shai [5:07 PM] thanks for the updates

pooktwo [5:09 PM] ok perfect 

shai [5:10 PM] good night bed time for me :simple_smile:

pooktwo [5:10 PM] thanks for coming and giving us some thoughts, chow @shai

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