August 2016 update, welcome back magicfldc!


First and foremost we would like to welcome Spells of Genesis back to the Merged folding platform. MAGICFLDC will continue distributions once again and we look forward to our continued relationship with Everdreamsoft and we appreciate their patience while we fixed our internal issues that happened with the Merged Folding platform.

For those of you who just want a recap of the meeting, I will post bullet points below on what was discussed during the August 2016 public meeting. If you wish to watch the video in its entirety please visit this YouTube link.


Spells of Genesis to begin distributions once again

At the meeting today Shaban Shaame from Spells of Genesis joined us to discuss the Bitcrystals project. We discussed the following topics:

  1. Shaban gave a quick overview of the Bitcrystals project for the new users who are not familiar with their project.
  2. We talked about the MAGICFLDC token that is distributed on the FoldingCoin platform.
    1. MAGICFLDC is a token distributed to Folders of FoldingCoin on a 1:1 ratio to FLDC itself.
    2. Just like the initial release of FDCARD, the use of MAGICFLDC is still a secret, and not even the FoldingCoin volunteers and developers know what this will be used for yet within the Spells of Genesis game.
    3. We talked about how some people missed out on the FDCARD because they did not get involved with folding and this token was a limited time only.
    4. Shaban talked about some Spells of Genesis announcements and answered some community questions
    5. We discussed that MAGICFLDC will be paid in full from the backlog that began March 9th, read below for more details


We have found a developer for the Distribution Calculator

After a long search we have found a developer to build the new GUI for the FLDC distribution calculator and server. Robert discovered this developer, named Mike, at one of his local MeetUps. Of the $1500 Robert committed to finding this developer, Mike has asked only for $500 down, then the remaining $1000 when the job is complete.

Mike will do the following for the new platform:

  1. He is going to rewrap everything within a WordPress plugin. This is really nice for the fact that with it being open sourced, if anyone wanted to run their own instance of the FLDC platform, they could easily just install a WordPress plugin from their own website.
  2. Mike is going to include some basic stat calculations within the new distribution server. He is going to add total FLDC earned, total FAH credits, and daily FAH points.
  3. Mike said as long as all goes well that he will have a prototype ready by August 16th and should finish the remaining new platform sometime in September
  4. I did not invite Mike to come on this meeting as I did not want to “scare” him away with being in the public (as he is a paid developer, not a volunteer, also he is new to BTC and I don’t wish to overwhelm him) but I will extend the offer for him to come on the next meeting when his platform is estimated to be done.


Monthly Distributions

At the time of the meeting, the Tokenly Bitsplit server had an issue, and as always the Tokenly crew was quick to help us fix it after the meeting was over, thanks Tokenly! Today the following Distributions will be going out:

  1. MAGICFLDC – 72,000,000 tokens among 445 Folders (Distribution backlog since 3/9/16, so this distribution is between the dates of 3/9-7/31)
  2. FLDC – 15,500,000 tokens among 244 Folders (Distribution dates 7/1-7/31)


Future Meetings

The FLDC team discussed that the meetings and distribution schedule needs to change one more time to accommodate the upcoming Football season. Also the distributions need an extra day in case of issues like the ones today. From now on the following is our monthly schedule:

  • Monthly meetings will now be help on the first Saturday of each month at 17:00 UTC time (we are moving away from EST and EDT as cryptocurrency is global, not just in Indiana :D). The next meeting can be found at the following links:
  • Distributions will now take place on the first Sunday of each month following the public meeting. This is in case some sort of issue occurs during the distribution like this month had, so the team will try and push them on the first Saturday of each month before the public meeting, but in case of issue, please give us until the following day.


After the Meeting

The reception we got from this meeting has been wonderful! I am so happy to see so many people take a renewed interest in this project from our 2 really important updates we had this week. Although we have Merged Folding working again, and we have found a developer to complete the new distribution server, remember that we are extremely short staffed and we could really use your help in bringing us to that next level. I have not been full time on FoldingCoin for almost a year now. Jona and Helene have really stepped up this year in helping to keep FoldingCoin alive. We also have some other people working independently (such as “hou5e”) on their own things that will help FLDC. If we had just a few more volunteers to help us complete our mission, we can really help to get FAH a lot more computational power.

Its exciting to see the market on Poloniex today, and I am so happy for those holders out there of FoldingCoin, but keep these two things in mind:

  1. Trading is hard, and we don’t want to encourage anyone to pour money into FLDC upon some good news. In cryptocurrency we see this a lot so make sure you are being careful and not buying into hype/FUD. If you are new and have not heard of this coin until today’s volume, remember that you can always earn FLDC by folding with CPU/GPU’s (this also helps build our network of Folders to contribute to the FAH project). If you would like to learn how to fold please visit this link and follow the steps.
  2. The entire mission of FLDC is to bring rewards to those that fold on the FAH platform. Always remember that our main mission is to bring more computational power to Stanfords Folding@home project (also known as FAH). By becoming a folder you are directly helping Stanford in their research for viral diseases. To learn more visit Stanfords FAH home page found here.

And in closing, to those new comers to the FoldingCoin community I welcome you  Here are the most important links that you should go to in order to learn more about our project:

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