September update: a couple betas in the works


Find the entire Google Hangout meeting at and join us for the next meeting taking place 10/1/16 at 17:00 UTC. Some of you will have daylight savings so make sure you follow UTC time and not your +x GMT time. Also Google hangouts is moving to YouTube live on September 12th, so next meeting will be the new YouTube format. It should work about the same, but we will test before hand to make sure the team knows how it works. Thanks!


Before the Meeting:

I have pushed the distributions for September for FLDC and the MAGICFLDC tokens. During the meetings these should be distributing. FoldingCoin has run out of distribution funds in BTC, however we have received many donations in other tokens so we have sold 500 BCY that have been donated to us for a total of 0.246 BTC so we are good to keep on distributing. Thank you to the donor’s who gave us these BCY!

The distributions can be found at the following addresses:

  • FLDC : 1PSVxzRGA9gfxBrr16JN3yNSUQ26VCxwsW
  • Since FLDC and MAGICFLDC share the same exact distributions, here is a quick overview of last months stats:
    • A total of 282 unique Folders
    • A total of 15,500,000 Tokens
    • A total of 1,035,421,907 FAH Credits
    • An average of 34,514,063 FAH credits per day (up from 30,374,192 last month)

REMINDER: Do NOT use an exchange address to fold with. Your FLDC will show up in the exchange HOWEVER any other token (currently MAGICFLDC) may become lost. Please fold directly to a wallet that you control!

REMINDER: For new comers, please follow the steps to Folding as they are laid out on our webpage using the “Username_FLDC_BTCaddress” as the “Username_BTCaddress” format is not yet ready. Thank you and visit for more information


During the Meeting:

This week we showcased some new BETAs for the FoldingCoin platforms future. Here are the following subjects that where discussed during the meeting:


Distribution and Calculation Server

Our developer Mike has been working hard on the new platform. You can currently see his progress by going to but remember, that this is still very much a work in progress over the next few weeks. will be the new website in which the distribution, calculation, and statistics page will be hosted. During the meeting we showcased a little about the direction that the server will be going in and we are very excited about the work that Mike has done so far.

A couple things noted with the current layout and progress of the new website:

  1. Mike is currently on vacation until the end of this weekend. I meet with him in person before my honeymoon last week and he is expecting to be complete with this by the next monthly meeting in October. He told me he may be willing to join us at the next meeting to showcase everything, but it was not a solid commitment.
  2. Mike has agreed to continue providing us service after he is complete with the platform until we find a more permanent coder to pick up where he leaves off. More details will come from this after Mike is complete.
  3. Currently the report page is missing the following:
    1. Current days earnings
    2. Previous days earnings
    3. Days folded (any day in which at least 1 WU was contributed)
    4. Total WU (Mike wishes to add this category for those interested in the amount of folds they have completed)
    5. The entire updated database, right now he only has a couple entries inputed
    6. Automatic Symbol for the Folding Levels
    7. Total FLDC earned Via folding
    8. Calendar to easily select the day(s) you wish to view
    9. Previous Database from the time that James left
  4. Mike has been paid a total of $1000 of the $1500 that I have committed. Mike will receive the remaining $500 when the job is complete per our standards that we requested.


All In One installation Package

One of our top Folders by the username of “hou5e” attended this months meeting and showcased his FLDC All in One installation package that he has been working on. Currently Folders can test this out by going to his GitHub page and downloading the client at

Hou5e did a great job showcasing this project and we will have some more updates on this at the next meeting.

Thank you to everyone that attended! If you would like to become a FoldingCoin partner please email or join us at our slack found at

Happy Folding!

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