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View the entire public meeting by going to this YouTube page :


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November 5th, Public Meeting

At this meeting we have in attendance:

  • Robert Ross – FoldingCoin Director
  • Jona Derks – FoldingCoin Communications
  • Helene Unland – FoldingCoin Community and Social Media Representative
  • Jeff Mooreland – FoldingCoin All in one Installation Package
  • Josh Smith – CureCoin Founder and Lead
  • Max – CureCoin Developer
  • Jake Wiser – CureCoin Marketing and Networking
  • Ivan Tuma – CureCoin Project Coordinator
  • Theo Goodman – Rarepepe Foundation Blockchain Representative


Calculation and Distribution Update

Video times: 00:00 – 04:56

We went over some new features with the distribution system that our independent coder is working on and it is coming along great. Please view the video to look at the newest updates, but this should be ready soon. More to come on this.


RarePepe Foundation and Blockchain Representative

Video times: 04:57 – 29:30 & 1:17:00 – 1:30:00

Theo Goodman joined us and discussed the project of the Rarepepe Foundation and its impact on the Counterparty DEX. FoldingCoin’s Helene also talked about the new FOLDERPEPE card that can be earned mia merged folding over the next few months and she has a post found HERE that goes over all the rules and conditions of this new merged folding token. Here are the links for the RarePepe Foundation and related items that you can go to to learn more:


Team CureCoin Joined the meeting today! Also update on the AIO

Video times: 29:30 – 1:17:00

In addition to FoldingCoin, there is another crypto project looking to help bring adoption to FAH through crypto and thats CureCoin (CURE). Curecoin has the same mission as FoldingCoin with the exception of the fact that they are built on their own independent blockchain. You can earn CURE and FLDC (in addition to merged folding tokens) by join the Curecoin team 224497.

Jeff (hou5e) also gave us an update on the all in one installation package and it is coming along great. You can view this from 44:07 – 55:00

You can follow these links to learn more about their project:

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