November distribution


Hello everyone. Meeting has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 17:00 UTC because I mixed up my time zones. My apologies go out to anyone who was planning on attending live who now cannot tomorrow, but the meeting as always will be available in full after its done on YouTube. Distributions are still going out as planned today and here are the following stats for November 2016 distributions:

FLDC Distribution

MAGICFLDC Distribution

PEPECASH Distribution


  • Total FOLDERPEPE distributed: 11
  • Statistics Page: First 40 users to post in the #folderpepe channel on the FoldingCoin Slack

FLDC Dev Payout

  • Robert Ross – Director: 83,229 FLDC
  • Helene Unland – Coordinator/Social Media: 166,448 FLDC
  • Jona Derks – Communications: 83,226 FLDC
  • Jeff Mooreland – All-In-One Installation: 1,483,783 FLDC
  • Distribution Link
  • Dev Payout Log

Distribution Halving

This upcoming month will mark the first FLDC rewards halving. The last day to earn 500,000 FLDC per day will be on 12/16/2016 and beginning the following day on the 17th, the rewards will be cut in half to 250,000 FLDC per day. As a reference, here is the distribution schedule:

  • 100,000,000 FLDC are designated for development funding
  • Of the remaining 900,000,000 FLDC, daily distributions are 500,000 FLDC
  • Once 450,000,000 FLDC are distributed, daily distribution becomes 250,000 FLDC
  • Once 675,000,000 FLDC are distributed, daily distribution becomes 125,000 FLDC
  • Once 787,500,000 FLDC are distributed, daily distribution becomes 62,500 FLDC
  • And so on. This halving occurs every 900 days

Because of the halving, we will be sending out a distribution after the halving so we can pay out all those that earn FLDC between 12/01/2016 and 12/16/2016 the average of 500,000 FLDC per day (8,000,000 total FLDC), then we will distribute another on schedule monthly distribution on the first Saturday of January for the folders from 12/17/2016 through 12/31/2016 at an average of 250,000 FLDC per day (3,750,000 total FLDC).

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