December Public meeting


This post is a recap of the topics discussed during the December 2016 Public Meeting. To watch the meeting in whole please visit THIS YOUTUBEpage.



  • FoldingCoin
    • Robert Ross – Director
    • Helene Unland – Coordinator/Social Media
    • Jona Derks – Communication
    • Jeff Mooreland – All-In-One Installation Package Developer
  • CureCoin
    • Jake Wiser – Marketing
  • Augmentors
    • Michael Joubert – CTO and Inventor
    • Kyle Haffenden – Managing Director



Normally the distributions go out on the same day of the meetings, but this meeting was delayed by a day so the post with the distribution stats went out yesterday. You can find that post by going to THIS LINK that will have all the distribution stats. This month with distributed the following: FLDC, MAGICFLDC, PEPECASH, FOLDERPEPE, Dev payments


New Calculation Server

Robert showcased and went over the new calculation server that our independent coder Mike has been working on. This is a similar showcase from the previous week, as the calculation server has not been updated much since then. We are still having issues that need to be hashed out with this new calculation server, and the following are the current pending issues:

  • Front page needs to be updated with general information about the project and the purpose of this page
  • Remove the /new/ directory to make the site directory directly go to
  • Redundant off server automatic backups (currently we are still running with as our backup)
  • Setup a second duplicate server running the exact same calculations for the future statistics page. This needs to be separate in case something goes wrong with the statistics server, then the calculation server will still be intact
  • Downloadable CSV is still not working and needs to be updated on the Generate Reports tab. The types of CSV will also need to be updated to the following:
    • Detailed Report – This will replace what currently says “CSV”. This report will generate a CSV file for you within the selected dates that will give you the following Columns: Username, BTC Address, FAH Credits, Payout amount from the distribution amount
    • Tokenly Report – This will replace what currently says “JSON”. This report will generate a CSV file for you within the selected dates that will give you a payout report to import to the Tokenly Bitsplit program for you to do your own distributions. This will only have the following columns: BTC Address, Payout amount from the distribution amount

Starting next year we should finally be able to get this thing open for anyone to be able to use. But for now you can use it in the following ways:

  1. You can use this server to verify your username. A lot of new users have had issues with the name registrations. If you are a new user, please verify after a day of folding that your username can be found within the reports tab.
  2. You can see your overall progress going on by viewing the daily reports tab


All-In-One Installation Package

We once again showcased the new FoldingCoin Browser and we are happy to release this to the public for use. This will help all new users solve issues with creating accurate usernames in order to be included in the distributions. The download is now prominently showcased on the front page of the FoldingCoin website and can also be directly downloaded by going to THIS GITHUB page. The next version will be version 6 and will include steps to help you setup CureCoin setups as well.


Augmentor Game

Michael and Kyle from the Augmentor Game project joined us as they may be potentially interested in doing some sort of distribution on the Merged Folding platform that Spells of Genesis has done in the past. Stated from the about page on their website is the following:

Augmentors bring a new dimension to the world of gaming. Now for the first time you can take your gaming to the next level and summon your gaming creatures into the real world! Backed by the Bitcoin Blockchain, you can truly own your creatures and carry them with you and battle to be the best Creature Trainer in true augmented reality!
Trade, swop, battle, train and you could take your place as one of the Destined! All creatures and relics are backed by a Counterparty Token that runs on the Bitcoin Blockchain!

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