June 2017 Public meeting recap


This months meeting had the following persons in attendance:

  • Robert Ross – Director FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina – Lead Dev FoldingCoin
  • Helene Unland – Community Relations FoldingCoin
  • Josh Smith – Director CureCoin
  • Ivan Tuma – Community Relations CureCoin

The meeting can be viewed in its entirety at the following YouTube link. Continue reading below for distribution statistics and a text recap of the meeting.


Distribution Stats


EDITED: Distribution Issue

From Robert:

I made a terrible mistake this month. For the first time in 3 years I made an error when doing the distributions. I accidentally paid out last months distribution instead of this months. The issue has been resolved now, and here is the steps I took in order to make everyone whole:

  1. I created a spreadsheet with both distributions from May and June on it. Then I lined up all the likewise Bitcoin Address
  2. I took the difference of June minus May to spit out what everyone actually earned
  3. I then eliminated anyone from the secondary distribution who was in the Negative, as this means that they actually got over paid this month.
  4. I sent another distribution with any users left out, and any users that where not paid enough.
  5. Spreadsheet comparing both months:
  6. CSV Payout for those needing make up payment:
  7. There is a total of 1.7 million FLDC that was needed to make up for the mistake.

I cannot apologize enough for this mistake. All make up payments and the BTC that is required to fund the distribution has been funded by my personal holdings as this was entirely my fault.

This has been another wake up call for the drastic need for a better more automated calculation server. Please contact me at if you would like to be involved in the creation of a more efficient calculation server or email me (or slack me @pooktwo at if you notice any additional mistakes in this months distribution and I will make you whole. Thanks Everyone!


Meeting Recap

The recap of the meeting is broken down into the different subjects that had been discussed. Provided links for each topic are provided.


Trello Workspace

The Foldingcoin team will begin to use Trello as a way to show the community what we are working on. This is a public space for viewing, though some links found within Trello may not be available to the public. We are hoping that Trello will accomplish the following goals:

  1. Gives the community a way to view our progress in real time
  2. A way to engage with potential developers on what products we have that need work. Each card will have requirements, any documentation for layout, and bounties that can be earned for completion.
  3. A way to engage our existing development team to easily track sprints, backlogs, and any relevant information to the products they are working on.
  4. The Trello was just released, so cards still need to be added. However it is available for live viewing now at



The Curecoin team joined us and discussed their updates for the month:

  • The Curecoin team now has 10 developers working on the project
  • Curecoin’s top Folder is looking to donate hardware to be used for folding in earning CURE and FLDC. The money earned from this operation will be donated to various charities and should pull around 13-15 million PPD.
  • We discussed collectively the backlashes of migrating FLDC to Ethereum. This is something that is not in the best interest of the FoldingCoin or the CureCoin projects. This will force all users to change their FAH names and this is something that will cause major issues for both projects to explain to their users that they need to change their FAH names. FoldingCoin will not move to Ethereum for various reasons, but this is the number one reason. FAH names are very important to users. Josh made some excellent points:
    • A: When Curecoin users had to switch to FLDC names years ago, they received a lot of negative feedback. Since then it has calmed down, but going through it again will turn many off to both projects.
    • B: Unlike hashing power from other Altcoins, the statistics that are found on the leaderboards of both FLDC and CURE carry more then hashing rate statistics, they help you track how much you have contributed to the global effort to fight viral diseases. Changing a username virtually stats you all over again.

Robert and Miguel discussed a slight pivot from this months sprint in regards to We will now be separating from the database. Miguel will be working on the new layout over the remaining sprint and we will have new tasks (user stories per SCRUM) ready for the next meeting. Running the DB on WordPress has many security concerns, and for that we still operate on for statistics.


Statistics page

The Foldingcoin team and the Curecoin team can collaborate on a few things that both our projects can share benefits on. The number one thing that comes to mind is the Statistics page. The two teams will talk about how we can coordinate on this, but the following benefits where discussed:

  1. Instead of users needing to go to either Extreme Overclocking, and/or Stanfords stats, having one place for Crypto Folders to go will really show the amount of work that Crypto is bringing to FAH
  2. With us controlling the stats page, we will have the ability to combine usernames for those that have switched FAH names over time due to protocol change. This will solve this complaint that many users have rightfully expressed
  3. We can add features that Extreme Overclocking cannot provide such as:
    1. Amount of CURE or FLDC earned
    2. Percentage of Folders on the entire FAH platform earning crypto
    3. CURE and FLDC holders and their percentage of market cap
    4. Graphs comparing users to other users
    5. Ext.



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