JULY 2017 Public meeting recap


FLDC Stats for June 2017


Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross – Director FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina – R&D Director FoldingCoin
  • Helene Unland – Community Support FoldingCoin
  • Jeff Mooreland – AIO and Hardware Support FoldingCoin
  • Adam Levine – CEO Tokenly
  • Ivan Tuma – Curecoin

You can read the recap below, or watch the public meeting in its entirety by watching this youtube video:


Tokenly Bitsplit Integration

Adam Levine joined us at the meeting today to discuss the new collaboration between FoldingCoin and the Bitsplit product. Tokenly is now contracted to do the following work for the FoldingCoin team:

  1. Integrate the FoldingCoin database directly within Bitsplit so that distributions can be automatically integrated with the distribution address. This will also be available to the public so that way other projects can easily (and permissionlessly) distribute their respective tokens on the FoldingCoin platform. Adam showcased the current prototype and announced that the product should be fully tested and working by next meeting.
  2. Adam discussed some new Counterparty CIPs that could significantly reduce the cost of sending FLDC out to the participants. Robert and Miguel will have further talks with Adam throughout the upcoming weeks to discuss these proposals.
  3. Adam had some interesting ideas that he has shared with the FoldingCoin team about value propositions for FLDC. We decided not to discuss these at this meeting as these ideas are very new, but by next meeting we will discuss them with the community.
  4. The current prototype for the FLDC Bitsplit integration is found at but it is not recommended to use, as the domain will change and the prototype is not yet ready.


FoldingCoin Dev Team

Miguel has started to put together a team of developers for the FoldingCoin project. We now have the following persons fully on staff:

  • Robert Ross – Director
  • Miguel Molina – R&D Director (read below about the role change)
  • Helene Unland – Community Support
  • Jeff Mooreland – AIO and Hardware Support on Slack
  • Damien – Staff Engineer
  • Hunter – QA Support
  • Norbert – Webmaster and Web Redisgn
  • Tokenly – Contracted for Bitsplit integration (Merged Folding)

Now FoldingCoin has a large team to begin doing some real work. Robert and Miguel will begin to focus on the upcoming sprint and what needs to be done with the new team members over the next 2 months.

We have decided that Miguel is better suited for a Development management role, rather then writing code himself. Miguel has been moved to be the R&D director and will manage any and all code and developers that work on the project.


CureCoin News

Team Output is 558 million PPD (over the last 24 hours) in large part due to merge folding with FoldingCoin now helping attract around 1000 active folders to the team (that’s about a 50% increase from a month ago, so definitely cheers!)

$CURE exchange rate early July 1, 2017…. 7764 Satoshis  /  $0.195 USD

15 Team Members Total (technically added four new team member roles)

  • Josh – Founder / Dev / folding pool maintenance
  • Max – Dev
  • Steven Saxton – Lead dev
  • Todd – Investor relations
  • Jason – Webmaster/Spanish Ambassador
  • Jake – Networking
  • Curtis – Marketing
  • Ivan – Marketing social media
  • Kyle – tech support
  • Tim – Education
  • Val – Tech Support
  • Alex – Public relations
  • Brad … technical documentation for folding support
  • Thomas … technical documentation for folding support
  • John (Scrotie) – Business planning

Agile implementation in Trello – Epics will be keyed to Curecoin wallet releases … Sprints will be 2-3 weeks and include rotating duty-tasks like social media monitoring and tech support.

Next minor wallet release 1. 9. 2. 2

  1. Add feature to present payment transactions to include transaction fee (.0001 CURE) in payment amount
  2. Updated checkpoints … for security

Charity Cloud Folding for the 501c3 sponsored CureCoin Project has eight donated PC’s now being assembled. Still waiting on response from facilities with possible free power or reduced cost (may wind up in datacenter east of Denver in Watkins Colorado). The folding activity will be 100% merge folding. The short term goal isn’t efficiency, but to prove the concept of generate revenue for charity while being able to sustaining ongoing folding.

Charity project’s donated Equipment and GPU collection so far:

  • 7 HP 3130 i5 mini towers
  • 1 Dell server
  • PDUs and two 1G switches and related cabling
  • 4x Fury X nanos
  • 2x AMD 295
  • 1x GTX 960
  • 1x GTX 560
  • 2x 980’s

Created new user id for the charity cloud merge folding account that is less ambiguous (I’ll post it on slack and in the youtube comments if anyone wants to throw some folding power at it – all proceeds go to either maintenance of the system, or disbursed across 12 charities ranging from medical research to supporting veterans):


No individual on the charity part of curecoin (aka the 501c3 sponsored “the CureCoin Project”) will earn a salary except for our sponsor Visions Made Viable collects an administrative fee for processing our donations to charities.

More information on donating fiat via Paypal to help fund the expansion of the cloud merge folding is located here: (websites under maintenance, but the link works). More information about the charity side of Curecoin is on twitter:

CureCoin 2.0 (aka SigmaX blockchain) build 3u will likely be the public beta candidate (we’re preparing a forum thread for confluence of discussion and bug reporting).

Change in semantics: Something we’ve recently discussed is a change in semantics regarding cryptocurrency … rather than cryptocurrency, digital currency, or “coins”, Max mentioned the use of generic “token” instead of coin maybe more proper based on some of the latest regulations.

Reminder that on July 6th and 7th Stanford Servers are down for maintenance … CureCoin will be using the opportunity to conduct server maintenance as well.

All items listed are current plan of record and subject to change. Curecoin reserves the right to modify roadmap and projections as necessary. While every effort will be made on social media to notify the public of any changes. Any questions can be forwarded to


Other FoldingCoin News

  • Jona Derks has stepped down as the other board member for the FoldingCoin team. Some things have come up in his life that will prevent him from continuing with the project. We would love to thank Jona for his years of service with the FoldingCoin team and wish him the best of luck in life. Jona will try and make a future meeting to give a final goodbye, and he is always welcome to attend any meeting he chooses to in the future.
  • Replacing Jona on the board is Miguel Molina. He is now the other board member for the team, so Miguel and Robert will be making final decisions on the project. Now that a development minded person and a community minded person are on the board, we would love a medically minded person to join us as the third board member. If you have a medical background in protein simulations we would love to talk. Please email for more information.
  • The team will be looking for legal experts, and accounting experts to help further the project now that we are dealing with some real serious money. Please email if you are interested in this position.
  • Trello will be updated this weekend by Robert. So please take a look at our trello next week to see our current process at
  • You can keep up with the Agile Scrum process that Miguel has put in place by going to our Taiga at (this is mostly for the technically minded).
  • FoldingCoin will be celebrating its 3 year anniversary this month. It’s been a long road and we are very excited to see what year 4 will bring. Happy Folding Everyone!



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