August 2017 public meeting


Distribution Stats


Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross – FoldingCoin Director
  • Miguel Molina – FoldingCoin R&D Director
  • Helene Unland – Foldingcoin Community Support
  • Jeff Moreland – FoldingCoin Browser Developer
  • Norbert Sipos – FoldingCoin Webmaster
  • Ivan Tuma – CureCoin Community Representative


YouTube Video

Click the VIDEO LINK, Watch below, or read below for a recap of the meeting


FoldingCoin Community Report

  • We have hired on 2 new community related positions, George will be the new FoldingCoin Community Manager and Matthew will be helping with the financial books and creation of the 2018 budget. We look forward to working with George and Matthew
  • George has spent some extensive time redoing the Trello. We are finally in a position to be able to update the community via this platform. If you are interested in ongoing updates from the project, please visit our Trello page at –
  • The Bitcoin Fork has not affected Counterparty in any major way. We sent the early distribution on for July 1st-25th just in case there was going to be network disruption. To clarify, there is not 2 versions of Counterparty, so unlike the Bitcoin split where you received BTC and BCH, you will not be receiving FLDC and FLDC-Cash. Technically speaking, someone could run an instance of counterparty on BCH and this would give you a split in your XCP assets, but no one has done so and it is not anticipated that this will happen. If this does happen, then the team will cross that bridge when it occurs.
  • Because of the early distribution, the next distribution will cover the dates of July 26th – August 31st. Next distribution will go out on September 2nd or 3rd depending on the mempool.
  • George will be the CureCoin liason and will help with better discussions and communication between the FoldingCoin and CureCoin team.
  • We had a record month of FOLDERPEPE distributions from Helene. She distributed 31 FOLDERPEPE this month. Please join the Slack channel #folderpepe and post your FAH address that generates at least 100K FAH points in the month to get included in the distribution.


FoldingCoin Development Update

  • Miguel has been working with the new FoldingCoin devs Damian and Hunter about the design of the download service. We are ready to begin working on it over the next month. Please view our Taiga to keep up to date with the development –
  • Miguel is looking for another developer to help the team that can contribute around 8 hours a week. We will discuss FLDC monthly payments and terms with you if you are interested. Please join the slack if you are interested in joining the development team by sending an email to
  • The Auto Slack join was put on hold in the middle of July because of the Ethereum scams going around the various slack channels. We look to re-enable this as quickly as we can, but we are hesitant to use the Heroku platform as they have had some issues of late as well. For the time being, please send an email to from the email you wish to be added to slack and include your first and last name. For more information please view this FoldingCoin post –
  • Norbert the new FoldingCoin webmaster joined us towards the end of the meeting to give a brief recap of what he was working on with the website this month. Norbert has given Robert the complete file and is awaiting for Robert to upload to the test website for development review. Once the developers review the website, they will give Norbert all the feedback to fix it. Once that is done, we will release to the community on the home page to replace the current website that we have which is very outdated.
  • Tokenly should be ready with the Bitsplit integration by the next meeting. Robert had a great meeting with Adam going over the work that Tokenly has done in the past month and everything is looking great. Right now over the next month, Tokenly will be running their own instance of Joe Looneys code to run on Bitsplit. Eventually the Bitsplit program will connect to the official FoldingCoin download service that Miguel and his team are working on, but we still will have an ongoing instance of the download service running from Tokenly as a backup download service in case something happens to ours. Please tune into next meeting for an update to this.
  • Tokenly will be helping the FoldingCoin team setup a multisig Bitcoin address to hold the undistributed funds and development funds. This has not been able to be accomplished in the past as Counterpartys default multisig does not work to the expectations of a standard BTC multisig wallet.



  • There have been some concerns of the design and “clunkyness” of counterwallet being the default wallet for the FoldingBrowser. Counterwallet is the official wallet of Counterparty so there for we need to continuously use it. Counterparty did have a recent meeting discussing this various topic and have plans of giving it a facelift to work better. Please be patient with the Counterparty Developers while they work on this as there is no current timeline. You can watch this recent Counterparty developer meeting for more information –
  • Jeff who works on the FoldingBrowser gave his opinion that maybe one day he will add an option for you to use any wallet that you desire, but for the time being we will keep the FoldingBrowser on Counterwallet being the default wallet.


CureCoin Update

  • Ivan shared a post that Curecoin made yesterday going over the increased folding rate between the two teams. Crypto Folders are now contributing around 40% of the entire FAH network. This is a great milestone that we have reached, and we are very grateful for all the work that the CureCoin, FoldingCoin, and Folding Community has put into making this a reality. Please read the post from CureCoin at –
  • The CureCoin FAH team 224497 is on pace to be the number 1 FAH team of all time in early September passing the long standing EVGA@home team. We hope to see this by the next meeting as this is extremely exciting. FAH has been running since October 2000 and the CureCoin team has been running since summer of 2014, so in 3 short years crypto is proving that adding an incentive to folding has wonderful results. View the team stats here –
  • Ivan went over the CureCoin 2.0 plans and how a public beta should be ready soon. Please keep up with the CureCoin team by following them at their twitter found here –


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