January 2018 Public Meeting Recap


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Roberts Discussion

  • I would like to announce that I am full time with FoldingCoin now.
  • I have been building up a folding operation to help find the best and most efficient way to fold. Once I have it nailed down, I will create videos and documentation on how to fold the most efficient way
  • I will talk about the important legal things that we need done this year:
    • Accounting
    • Tax reporting
    • Compliance
    • Legal representation
  • My month long plan will be as follows:
    • Working 8am-5pm Monday through Friday
    • Changing pay structure to match the recent price increase
    • Ability to update discord and forums to ensure all questions are being answered (though this has not been an issue)
    • Work with the dev team on our needs for development and developers and help fill the gap
    • Work with Tokenly to begin using the money we have on retainer for them to build the merged folding platform. Set and create deadlines with Tokenly to ensure they are on track
    • Work with George finally on keeping trello up to date with the project timelines and schedule
    • Work on finishing all tutorial videos necessary for the project. Video and sound equipment will be ordered so the videos will have higher quality
    • Begin reaching out to local crypto meetups again as was done in 2015 to do foldingcoin outreach
    • Proofread the white paper and bring up to date
    • Figure out all positions needed for the project and make a plan to fill them in the upcoming months of the year in order of importance


FoldingCoin Announcements

  • Norbert showcased the website and the changes that have been made
  • Jeff gave a report on the recent changes to the Folding Browser
  • Helene gave a report on the delay of the Folder Pepe distribution due to the mempool saturation and fees
  • George gave a recap of the forums and reddit activity. George also discussed his recent presentation in Greece for FoldingCoin
  • Hunter talked about the progress of the download service for the FLDC stats


CureCoin Announcements

  • Ivan gave a great presentation of the work that Curecoin has been doing on their end. You can find his presentation here in full:
  • The following information was in the presentation:
  • New Apple Wallet binary available to download from (or GitHub)
  • Bittrex CURE wallet behind due to an extended Microsoft Azure outage (Intel Patching)
  • Vorksholk full beta due in February:
  • First release of 2.0 will be a full beta of the certificate system, with Curecoin LLC as the signers
  • Follow Vorksholk on Bitcointalk:;u=51756;sa=showPosts
  • Curecoin 1.x folding pool is being redesigned to decentralize the payout system - leveraging new functionality in upcoming
  • wallets
  • Curecoin will no longer hold tokens for users on in future reversions.
  • With merge-folding in place, our teams are producing over 47 petaFLOPS of computations on Folding@home
  • Folding Club December 2017 round payouts sent, next steps to use ShortStack for future campaign
  • Over 30 Folding Club members contributed over 7,000,000 points to the December total !!!!
  • Curecoin Project has produced over 80,292,219 PPD since June 2017
  • Donations continue to come through PayPal & Amazon Smile to “power” the rack
  • Rack equipment has been moved to the “Folding Office” – waiting on broadband, More GPUs on the way.
  • Members participated from ~12 countries
  • Next step is to convert 50% of the CURE and FLDC produced during December to donate to Dragon Masters Foundation.

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