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Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross - Administrator, FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina - CTO, FoldingCoin
  • Bill Beard - Director, FoldingCoin
  • Ivam Tuma - Community Management, Curecoin
  • Norbert Sipos - Webmaster, FoldingCoin
  • Jeff Moreland - .net Software Dev, FoldingCoin


Meeting Recap

Please watch the meeting in its entirety on YouTube at the following link:


Foldingcoin Update

  • New full time developers brought on, Josh and Bill.
  • Josh and Matt are working on ensuring all compliance measures are met.
  • Bill is going to be the new director for the project, while Robert will remain head of the board and report to Bill.
  • Roberts role won’t change as far as his duties, but Bill will be able to improve on the project in ways that Robert does not have the expertise.
  • Bill explains his extensive background in managing large groups of people, as well as developing projects for the consumer market. Bill is exactly the person Foldingcoin has been searching for to accelerate the projects growth and elevate it to where it needs to be.
  • Miguel is working on development and provides an update. We are about halfway through the defined effort.  Within the week there will be a finalized road map.
  • Robert now being a full time, we are back in contact with Tokenly to complete our portion of work with them.
  • Dev payouts went out this month (486,000 FLDC) to pay everyone involved with the project.
  • Since crypto currencies have been on the decline in recent weeks, we do want to set a max amount of foldingcoin paid out per month, in case the coin keeps declining in value.
  • We have a remaining balance of 86,000,000 FLDC in funds for development, but we don’t want to burn through the funds too quickly, by paying out large numbers when the price decreases for a period of time.
  • The new website is completed, Norbert will now move into a webmaster role where he will update and maintain it as needed.
  • Working on getting tutorial videos finalized for setting up browser for windows, ubuntu, remote client, etc…
  • Creating a financial page for the website with Matt, Robert, and Josh.
  • Foldingcoin is looking to be as transparent as possible, as well as being an assistant for providing tax information to users.
  • Working on repairing merge folding with Spells of Genesis team.


Curecoin Update

  • Wallet updates on web and GitHub
  • Zapper clean up tool released, as well as new binaries coming in the near future
  • Website is beginning a new revamp beginning February 5th
  • Bittrex received an optimized wallet for trading purposes
  • Continued work on Folding Club
  • Curecoin made a donation to “Dragon Master”
  • Presentation can be found here :

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