MARCH 2018 public meeting 

Distribution Stats


Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross - Administrator, FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina - CTO, FoldingCoin
  • Bill Beard - Executive Director, FoldingCoin
  • Jeff Moreland - .NET Software Developer, FoldingCoin
  • Helene Unland - Social Media, FoldingCoin
  • George Tomaras - Community Manager, FoldingCoin


Meeting Recap

Please watch the meeting in its entirety on YouTube at the following link:



Meeting Agenda

  • Opening - Introduction of participants at the meeting. We then covered the Distribution
  • Robert’s report -
    • Have been working with the office crew on the financial section of the website.
    • The office team is meeting with a CPA this month that specializes in cryptocurrency to help FoldingCoin stay compliant. After that, we will find a lawyer to look over everything to make sure we are not missing anything.
    • We have filled out a compliance form that Bittrex requested so if you see any news of that, please be informed that we have already submitted and are meeting the required Bittrex standards.
    • This month we sold 650,000 FLDC to get $16,000 dollars into a bank account. We are going to need USD to pay for taxes next year, development servers such as Microsoft Azures, and any other miscellaneous costs that will come with the serious development we are planning this year. We estimate that these USD funds should last us a great while, as most everything we do requires FLDC or BTC.
    • We have been reaching out and seeking more developers. If you have an interest in joining the team, please reach out to or on the discord DM @pooktwo#7260 to begin discussions on what you can bring to the team. We are currently only looking for developers, all community related roles have been filled.
    • Profit calculator and Tutorial pages are now up and ready on the website.
    • Tokenly is continuing work on the Merged Folding platform. They will be reporting with me next week on their progress, as they had a few last minute bugs to work out.
    • We have released some Discord rules that are fairly standard. To help combat spam and scam attacks, we will not allow new members to come in and simply post a link to an ICO, or investment opportunity. Those users will get banned to ensure that no malicious links are being spread to the community. Please always make sure to check links before clicking them no matter what source they are coming from.
  • Miguel's report - I've been continuing work on the stats downloader. Everything is progressing as expected. See Taiga and GitHub for more details. Otherwise, just been working with Robert and Bill to organize and grow the organization.
  • Bill’s report - We are in the final stages of onboarding two new part time architect level engineers to compliment Miguel’s efforts.  This should accelerate our development throughput dramatically and drive us towards completion of our current prime initiative of improving the stats downloader and stats page.
  • Curecoin report - Ivan cannot be with us today, so I will give the Curecoin report in his stead.
    • Curecoin submitted the required Bittrex compliance form.
    • Curecoin has brought on a new team member named Gary Smith to help take on some Project management responsibilities.
    • Wallet v1.9.5 is now available on Github, binaries will soon be available.
    • The Folding Club Cloud is averaging 2.5 million points per day using donated PCs plus 50 Club Members. This contest ends March 8. Please reach out to either George from the FoldingCoin team (discord handle @raptorf1#8896 ) or Ivan from the Curecoin team (discord handle @wuffy68#5159 ) for any questions or concerns.
    • The white paper for the 1.x branch work has started.
    • Vorksholk is waiting for some 3rd party software to be available before the beta 2.0 can be publically tested. Please follow Vorsholk on Bitcointalk for the latest updates.
  • Folding Browser report - Browser was updated to v16 that includes the CTRL+F function so you can easily find your username. The upgrade from Chrome v57 to v63 is starting. The FAH web page gets stuck in a refresh loop in the current version if you allow the Folding Browser to stay open for an hour or so. We are looking into the issue and will make a plan to patch it.
  • Community Report - FOLDERPEPE reached its full goal again this month. Please join the discord and post your Folding username in the #folderpepe section as early as you can to be included. Counterparty released another newsletter found at
  • As a reminder, this meeting’s recap will be posted on the website this Tuesday as Norbert will be out Monday. The YouTube link will be tweeted and available immediately after the meeting.

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