APRIL 2018 Public meeting recap


FLDC Stats for April 2018

Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross - Administrator, FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina - CTO, FoldingCoin
  • Bill Beard - Director, FoldingCoin
  • Jeff Moreland - .NET Developer, FoldingCoin
  • Helene Unland - Social Media, FoldingCoin
  • Levi Whitney - New Dev, FoldingCoin

Meeting Recap

Please watch the meeting in its entirety on YouTube at the following link:



Administrative Report

  • Bittrex memo is now finalized. We are represented by a Law firm that was able to take care of this for us. We still have a retainer with them for any future legal needs that may arise.
  • The office team worked with a professional CPA to learn about how we will be doing our reporting next year, and how to stay compliant. Matt and Josh are working on getting a process in place to ensure we are following the government's rules. Because of the recent SEC involvement in cryptocurrency, it is important to make sure we are doing things the right way, so we are reaching out to professionals for this.

Development Report

  • We have brought on 2 new Java developers this month and you may know them from the discord channel as @Darkhax#7985 (Tyler) and @Jared#2798 (Jared). They created some Discord bots for FoldingCoin Discord channel that allows you to check on information such as PPD, how many estimated FLDC you will earn on the next distribution, how many days until distribution, and more. This is a great way to verify that you have setup your FoldingCoin username properly without having to wait until the end of the month. Please read the new Discord FAQ section on our website.
  • Now that the Discord bots are completed, Jared and Tyler will be moving into the SCRUM Master/Java Developer Role to help talk with new developers, produce any Java code we need, and to help in the creation of the Java API system. Since they are on frequently throughout the week, this is a perfect role for them to help Robert in talking with new developers since they have the knowledge to do so.
  • We have added two senior software engineers as well as a senior qa engineer; Levi Whitney, Matt Parker, and Damien Harder, respectively. They will help with designing and architecting solutions. They will help finish and deploy the stats downloader as well as build an API exposing our stats data.
  • Show stats downloader test harness

Merged Folding

  • Robert has been working with Tokenly extensively to get Merged Folding back up and running, and Tokenly has got a Beta version of Merged Folding working. This will be ready for testing and use by other projects looking to distribute their tokens on our platform. There still are some issues with the Merged Folding platform that need to be resolved, so for the time being if any project wants to begin distributions on our platform, you will be aware and know that the following issues still exist in the platform:
    • The distributions are not fully lining up. In rare cases, certain usernames and addresses calculate more or less FAH points then they actually received. This only affects a small amount of addresses and we are looking into this issue.
    • The BTC dust is still required until a new Bitsplit backend server is deployed. So for now, the costs still required the BTC dust per address that you send Tokens to.
    • We only support Counterparty Tokens at this time, but we are looking into ways to expand to other blockchains. This is a long term development task that will take extensive time.
    • Because the distributions are not accurate yet, if any projects distribute on our platform please be aware that not all Folders will get the right amount of tokens. This is a testing phase, so projects are not liable for recouping inaccurate distributions, and Folders are not entitled to them. It is recommended to wait until we have these bugs solved.
  • Here are the following Merged Folding links to learn more:
  • Show merged folding demo

Community Report

  • We released a 2 minute animation video that goes over FoldingCoin in a very understandable manner. The video is now pinned on our YouTube and Twitter pages. You can find and share the video by going here: or retweeting this:
  • We have been working on plans to get merchandise ready to sell to the public. We are making plans to have a marketplace for the items and will be ready later in the year. Please give us any suggestions of items you would like to purchase such as hats, mugs, ect.
  • Mostly for Nvidia 1080ti folders on Linux, the newer v390 drivers have about a 5%, or more, PPD increase over older v378 or v384 drivers.
  • George made a contact with the medicine faculty of the Olomouc University in Czech Republic promoting f@h and FLDC & CURE. There was no interest.
  • After months of waiting Leroy Merlin Cyprus (a Do-It-Yourself store) started running f@h (CPU folding) to some of their PCs. George convinced them to buy (probably in April or May) a dedicated PC (nvidia 1050ti). All earnings will be given once per year to a local charity. F@H username

Curecoin Report

  • I can confirm we submitted the final Memorandum to Bittrex yesterday to affirm Curecoin is not a security.
  • Work continues on the next version of 1.x, and 2.0 is waiting on a 3rd party software component availability before work there continues.

Folding Club Rewards

  • FoldingCoin will begin to donate $500 worth of FLDC to the foldingclub rewards beginning at the end of this month.
  • February raffle ended on March 8th. 57 participants (26 America, 20 Europe, 10 Asia & 1 Africa).
  • 5 winners who have already been contacted and received their prizes (3 received amazon gift cards, 1 received Curecoins and 1 Bitcoins). Each prize worth $25.
  • More stats and graphics can be found here
  • Next one will be probably after the middle of April.
  • We will be integrating multilingual support (for the how-to infographic) for those who do not speak English.
  • Go to for more information

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