JUNE 2018 Public meeting recap


Distribution Stats

Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross - Administrator, FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina - CTO, FoldingCoin
  • Jeff Moreland - .NET Software Dev, FoldingCoin
  • Helene Unland – Social Media, FoldingCoin
  • Kyle Johnson - Community Management, Curecoin

Meeting Recap

Please watch the meeting in its entirety on YouTube at the following link:



Administrative Report

    • Team is fully moved over to the Office 365 environment
    • Bill Beard has decided to go full time with FoldingCoin Inc. He began fulltime halfway through the month of May.
    • Miguel Molina has also decided to go full time with FoldingCoin Inc and he began his first full day on June 1st.
    • Now that Miguel and Bill are full time, the team has high expectations of releasing new products, as we have not had a new product released since October 2015 our priority is to have the new version construction complete in Q2 and live in early Q3.
    • The office team is actively looking for a banking solution so we can begin to fundraise for money in a traditional nonprofit manner of finding donors.

Development Report

  • Dev team evaluating and understanding tools available via FoldingCoin Inc's Microsoft Partnership
    • VSTS to replace Taiga for User Stories and Task tracking
    • VSTS for integrated testing and test suites
    • Office 365 for office management and communication
  • Architectural enhances suggested by Matt and Levi are complete
  • DB performance bottleneck that has been reduced but further analysis will be completed
  • Next week a test instance will be created for testing RC (Release Candidate)
  • Defining the Stats API with Jared and Tyler

Community Report

  • Twitter scams are on the rise. Please DO NOT send any money to us via twitter. A lot of sock puppet accounts are being created looking like FoldingCoin to phish money. Twitter verification is still closed and we are trying hard to get a blue checkmark, but currently we do not have one.
  • Reddit Subpage has been update from vanilla to a more attractive and user friendly design.
  • Discord bots have been deleting a lot of spam accounts that are posting malicious links. It appears the bots have solved the issue that we had on Slack
  • Jewelry have been posted. They were in the New York facility on Thursday so by next week they should be in our offices.
  • George is persuading the charity angle (something like what the CureCoin Project is doing) with a couple of retail stores in Cyprus. There is an agreement with a popular store in the island (Leroy Merlin). A PC has been ordered and the f@h client will be installed. All earnings from FLDC & CURE will be donated to local charities. George also approached another store that is scheduled to open its gates by the end of September.

Folding Club Rewards

  • We've finalized the script for the first promotional Folding Club video. Hopefully the video will be ready by the middle of June. The next couple of days we will be ordering the instructions video. When both of them are ready (by the end of June) we will be ready to start regular monthly draws again.

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